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profile pic moniqueHello there! I am Monique Mihalitsianos, ​and I’m a fantasy writer.

I write both urban & high fantasy in the adult category.

In this blog I spill my heart out on my journey as a writer, review books & film, dabble in the esoteric, and occassionally write a poem or two.

Feel free to stick around and check it out.

Namasté <3

14 thoughts on “Welcome to my Site

  1. Hola, soy panameña de nacimiento y de alma universal. He visto que estás interesada en la antroposofía. Yo vivo en España y estoy buscando el servicio de antroposofía en Panamá para mi papa que sí reside allá. Sabes si lo ofrecen en Panamá.? Gracias de antemano. Un abrazo.

    • Hola Nazarín. Soy miembro individual de la sociedad antroposófica, ya que no hay sede en Panamá. Disculpa que no haya podido ser de más ayuda. Un abrazo!

  2. Hola!
    Mi nombre es Melodia y soy de los estados unidos. Espero que es OK se escribo en ingles!
    My friend from Belgium and I are both storytellers (we’re interns at the International School of Storytelling in England) and we are both interested in anthroposophy. We’ve been studying it in the last years!
    We have a question for you! We are really interested in connecting with people who are working with story and anthroposophy all around the world, so it would be lovely to meet you. We are actually traveling to Nicaragua and need to stay in Panama for one night (the 29th of January). Do you think it could be possible for us to stay with you? Or would you know of a place we could stay and perhaps we could meet you for a coffee or something?
    Would be lovely!
    Thanks a lot, and hope to hear from you. My e-mail is: artpeacegirl@yahoo.com
    All the best!

    • Hello Melody!

      It was great reading your message, and I would absolutely love to meet you both. I sent you an e-mail! Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Warm regards

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  4. Hola mi nombre es Rosalia soy argentina, vivo en Europa. me encantò tu experiencia y voy a leer el libro como conocer los mundos superiores porque me intriga todo lo que cuentas…gracias

  5. Hi, nice review on Steiner keep i up. He changed my life 8 years ago forever and i study his work everyday since.

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