Art & Life


Art is a reflection of life. It is also a purifier. All emotional, psychological, even physical issues should be purged by art in the same measure that artists give in themselves completely to their creation.

I used to fear trying to be a better person, trying to have better feelings towards the world. I thought that if I let myself love myself, l wouldn’t be messed up enough to create. I understand now that is absurd. I am far from perfect and have so, so much to purge.

I also imagine that as an artist purifies itself, so does their art become more pure. Grander. Closer to that elusive universal truth. Everything should flow, it’s an organic creation. Let it reflect, reflect, reflect.

That saying that goes you can’t love others unless you love yourself; I get it now. You just wouldn’t be strong enough to do it. The darkness would be too overwhelming.

It takes courage to love. Far more courage than it takes to hate. When you love, you understand. And when you understand, you know which way to act, the right way. Sometimes the right way isn’t the easy way. And sometimes you find it the most easy way in the world.

When you understand, you grow kinder. Suddenly you drop your misanthropic tendencies for a moment, the moment getting longer every succesive time.

Because you’re filled with so much love you don’t have room for anything denser.

And what will art be like then? What will the reflection of such beauty look like?

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