Beautiful Impermanence


Change is inevitable. The very nature of the universe is one of impermanence. One day will never be the same as another. One breath is breathed, and then it’s gone. A moment comes and passes and then turns into a memory.

I struggle with this concept, but at the same time feel that within it lies the key to true liberation.

Think of a river.

The water flowing through a river doesn’t resist change, but flows with it. Wether it be around rocks, through boughs, or over waterfalls, the river keeps on flowing. It encounters the changes in its path and, liquid that it is, finds its way around, over, through or under them. The river doesn’t fight the obstacles; it incorporates them into its path. It doesn’t need to know what obstacles are coming, either. It lives in the moment… flowing.

Life is like one big river bed.  The water is our mind. The obstacles are the changes one encounters on its way. If one is constantly thinking about the future, the mind will be occupied with worry over what is to come and there won’t be enough space or fluidity to enjoy the here and now, to ride with the current and leap over rocks.

On the other hand, if one’s mind is calm, flexible, liquid like the streams that lead to the sea, there will be an inner peace that will help one cope with the ups and downs in life. Peace is achieved by deeply acknowledging and integrating the following truth into one’s life: The world is beautifully impermanent. Nothing lasts forever, not even sadness. Not even happiness. When one is down, one will eventually come up. When one is up, one can come down crashing the next moment. Everything flows, everything changes, everything passes and everything comes.

The trick lies is training your mind to flow with and through everything. To remain calm during the storm and during the frenzy. To flow through the present moment like a river into the sea.

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