August: Osage County #MovieReview


Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I hated this movie. What was the point of watching this family’s destructive behavior? This is labeled in Apple TV as a ‘dark comedy’, and sure some lines were funny, but there was nothing funny about the story. What’t the point of watching these people implode and wreck each other with no hope of salvation whatsoever?

What’s the point of humiliating and destroying the only two very damaged, very innocent people in the family (Ivy and Little Charles)? Of course the alternative is worse, you can’t let siblings be with each other without them knowing it, but if their Aunt Mattie Fae hadn’t slept with her sister’s husband then none of that would have even happened.

I know what the message of this story is. Parents pass on their troubles to their children. Children become their parents. Families can be dysfunctional. Generational curses, etc. etc. etc.

The thing is, there is no freaking uplifting message in this movie. In the end we find out that Meryl Streep’s character was sort of the cause for her husband’s death, the cause of her own troubles, and the cause of a big portion of the troubles of the rest of her family. And when the only daughter willing to help her finds out about this, obviously she goes away. The movie ends with all of the family separate and alone, perhaps for the better. A family so damaged is better left alone. But what kind of message is that?

I don’t want to watch a movie where everything goes to crap by the end. Life is already hard enough as it is without me having to watch depressing movies with absolutely NO redeeming messages AT ALL.

Critics will love this movie, I’m sure. It’s the type of movie critics love. But for me it was a total misfire and a terrible movie to watch Sunday night.

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