Happy Christmas #moviereview

happy christmas

Happy Christmas is a movie about relationships, and the dynamic between very different people who aren’t so different at the end of the day. Anna Kendrick is entirely believable as the ditzy girl who hasn’t quite gotten her life together yet. Melanie Lynskey, on the other hand, is the overworked, stay at home mom who’s given up on her writing dreams and doesn’t even have time to take a shower in the mornings.

Kendrick’s character moves in with her brother and his wife (Lynskey) and immediately, there are problems. Obviously Kendrick’s character knows nothing about being a responsible adult, and Lynskey’s character has forgotten how to have fun. It’s sad that this is the stereotype for new mothers. I know having a kid is hard work, especially for the woman, but it doesn’t have to mean all the joy gets sucked out of you.

And this is what the movie proves. Kendrick’s irresponsibilities are actually a gateway for Lynskey’s character to get in touch with her youth again, with her enthusiasm, her energy. A way for her to see there is a life and a world outside her home. Of course this doesn’t last long, because Kendrick’s character ends up fucking it up.

Well, I’m not going to spoil the movie for you. It’s a cute indie, and Lena Dunham plays Kendrick’s best friend, and she’s funny, as usual. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a movie that HAS to be seen, but if you’re bored at home a saturday afternoon, it’s a fun way to spend your time.

Rating: 3 / 5

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