True Blood Season 7 Review

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UPDATE. I wrote the following review after watching episode 8 of the last season. The following is not my final opinion on the season. For my final review, go to the bottom of the post. 

I’ve been a loyal True Blood fan during all of its ups and downs, and was fervently hoping that the last Season would wrap things up in a way that remained loyal to the characters & essence of the show.

It seems like I’m getting my wish.

The patching up started early in the Season with Lafayette getting a new boyfriend. Lafayette has been the most consistently funny character in the show and one of my favorites, so it was nice to finally see him with somebody who could genuinely make him happy. It seemed a bit forced in the beginning, but played out well, thanks to the chemistry between the actors and the brooding James played by Nathan Parsons.

Following along those lines, Lettie Mae’s quest to help Tara’s soul comes to a tear-jerking conclusion in Episode 8, with the help of James, who willingly gives Lettie Mae, her husband Reverend Daniels, and Lafayette his blood so they can access the spirit plane and connect to her energy. Super cool, obviously. And it’s nice Tara and Lettie Mae got to say their proper goodbyes after a lifetime of conflict.

Also coming to a conclusion is the whole Jason-Jessica-Hoyt conundrum. These are the young characters of the show, and they had a-lot of growing up to do before each one of them finally found out who they really were and came full circle back into the place they belong. Jessica and Hoyt are falling hard for each other again, and a more mature and balanced Jason is single and ready for that one special girl to enter his life (which would be Hoyt’s beautiful and smart soon to be ex-girlfriend).

After Victoria–Jason’s raging mad and sex-crazed gorgeous vampire ex-girlfriend–kidnapped him, Adyllin, Glen, and Jessica and almost tortured them to death, it seems he’s finally learned not to think with his…you know. Jason has also always been one of my favorite characters. No brains, but charm in abundance. You gotta love him.

I love the fact that Andy Bellefleur and Holly are going to have their happy ending. I loved Holly’s line… “You have to believe me when I say I’m an intuitive person. I promise you we’ll be all right (I’m paraphrasing).” She tells him that after he has a mini mental breakdown over the stress of saving his remaining fairy daughter. It was a very sweet moment, and Andy, who’s developed into a strong, brave and responsible man who protects and loves his family and town, deserves it. So does Holly. Now that Andy has also matured, they work together.

Sam ponders wether moving from Bon Temps with the mother of his child or not. He has got to do it. There’s nothing left for him there, and a whole new life awaiting elsewhere. He’s not getting any younger either, and a change of pace would do him good. Arlene deserves to have a hot vampire affair, and also a little romance. She’s a woman who has suffered so much loss, but has made the effort to remain sane for the sake of her children. She definitely has mojo.

Ok, now on to the juicy stuff…

ERIC WILL LIVE. Yaaaassssss. I know Eric is super popular with the ladies but he’s also this really masculine, badass vampire that male viewers of the show secretly admire (some not so secretly). For this reason, I nominate him for True Blood’s AWESOMEST CHARACTER. Him drinking Sarah Newlin’s blood and growling into the nightsky with renewed vitality and awesomeness was one of the show’s best moments this last season. Also cool is the fact that Pam will remain by his side as his loyal, deliciously wicked sidekick and business partner. Pam is also one of my favorite characters and I seriously LOVE her one-liners.

Bill has to die. Period. The universe pretty much established that He and Sookie cannot work. Sookie’s fairy great grandpa said so himself. If Sookie had been born in the 1800’s it would be a different story. I do believe there’s true love between them. Sookie is a pure soul, and so was Bill when he was human. But his vampire nature acts as a barrier between them, corrupting their relationship. Bill feels that because he’s a vampire, he is dark at his core. And Sookie is the opposite. As much as he likes reconnecting with the last vestiges of his humanity, he feels that who he is now will never be enough for Sookie, and so it breeds darkness… So he has decided to sacrifice himself in true Bill fashion.

Bill is the character who went through the biggest story arc during the entirety of the show, literally from a wandering vampire with no real ambition to rising to power as King, to becoming the most powerful being on the planet, then a vampire messiah and liberator, and then back to tortured, lost soul. It’s time for him to let go and fulfill his role as the martyr that he really is, so I say let him die for a cause that he believes in and loves… the cause in this case being Sookie.

With Bill out of the picture, Sookie can move on to Eric. Because Eric is the opposite of Bill. He’s not a martyr, and he embraces his darkness, so it’s not an obstacle. In fact, in his case it’s a plus. Eric is the consumate survivor, and Sookie is witty, resourceful, and independent. They’re very similar that way. When she has mourned the loss of her first and true love, she can move on to being with Eric. They’ll kick ass together, getting in trouble and coming out winning. Life will be exciting, and it’s the next step forward for Sookie. I really hope this is how the show will wrap up. Frankly, it’s what the majority of the fans are hoping for.

Speaking of Sookie. Why is she such hot stuff? She just is. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone, knows how to take matters into her own hands, is clever, brave, and good. The latter half of Season 7 has really taken Sookie back to the roots of what makes her a cool character. In this episode, she stubbornly ran off to find Sarah Newlin on her own (against Eric’s express orders) to save Bill. In reality, Sookie doesn’t lust after danger. She’s just always acted in a way that was consonant with what she believed in and always stood up to defend or help the people she loves. It just happened that she had to go through a-lot of dangerous stuff in order to do so. This is who she really is, and it finally looks like we’re getting to see it again.

And last but not least, Sarah Newlin.

There are no words. All I have to say is… Funniest, most neurotic, engaging, love-to-hate type of Villain E V E R. Watching her lose it and go skitzo was so, so satisfying.

Are you looking forward to this Season’s finale? What do you think will happen? Who is your favorite character and why?

FINAL REVIEW after watching season 7 finale and digesting that the show did not end the way I wanted it to, and frankly, not the way anybody wanted it to end. 

Ok writers of True Blood, here’s the thing. I get it. I get that you wanted Sookie to have a happy life, as well as the rest of the characters who went through so much in Bon Temps. I get that continuing to run around with vampires would have just led Sookie to more dangerous situations, people, and outcomes. I get that the fairest thing to her was for her to walk away from that world, and focus on having a normal, happy life.

But here’s the thing. Happy is boring under the best of circumstances. And normal is downright snooze-inducing. I mean, come on writers. This was True Blood, once one of the most cutting edge shows on TV. To have ended it on such a lame note was just WRONG. Nobody cares that Sookie found a nameless, faceless guy and got knocked up. Nobody cares that Sam and everybody else is also happy and everything appears to be at peace. NOBODY.

You know what would have been cool? Eric and Sookie. It’s the one thing that fans of the show always clamored for and the one thing YOU denied to the end. It would have been epic to see Sookie embark on an adventure with Eric and Pam after getting over her grief of losing Bill. Sookie isn’t just an ordinary human after all, she’s a fairy and she can hold her own. Eric and her would have been unstoppable. And come on guys, this is fiction. Was giving the main character a happy ending really more important than giving your loyal fans, those that stuck with this show until the very end, the ending that they wanted and that they so very much deserved?

Bill should have died in episode 9 and there should’ve been some sort of time jump, and episode 10 should have been about how Sookie and Eric somehow reconnected and hit it off again, with Sookie deciding between doing something dangerous with or for Eric or staying put in her newly normal but boring life. She chooses to go with him (being the good old Sookie that we all know and love), they kiss or something, she says something sassy and fierce, and they fly off into the night. It would have been EPIC.

As it is, I feel cheated. It will take me a while to get over this huge disappointment.


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