Happy birthday to Claude Monet… and me!

Claude Monet was an impressionist painter born November 14, 1840. He also happens to be my favorite painter, and my birthday buddy. Here is some of his best work:








With these paintings, it’s more about the inner impression the viewer gets after digesting the art than about technique. Not to say that impressionists don’t need technique– Monet is a master in color–but it’s not the main focus. His paintings are nature-centered and beautiful, and they have a really soothing effect over me, almost as if I were there, seeing what he’s seeing, even if it’s just a painting I’m looking at through my computer screen.

Happy bday to Monet, master impressionist! And happy bday to me 🙂 Nov. 14 rules!

15 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Claude Monet… and me!

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  3. Hi FJ, glad to read you.
    Im very interesting in the third painting of this post.
    Is signed by Z. Colton???

    It seems Monet, but Im not able finding the artist.

    Would you help me, please?
    Thanks in advance…

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  5. What is the name of the painting with the bridge with all the yellows, greens, and reds? I’ve seen a lot of his bridge paintings but never like this. I love it and want to see if I can find a print.

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