The Mule Movie Review

This movie was super gross. I gagged and almost threw up during several scenes, and how couldn’t I when the plot revolves around whether a guy with 20 condoms of heroin in his stomach poops or doesn’t poop.

the mule

However, even though this movie was disgusting at times, it’s also clever. The main character is one of those people who is sort of slow—not the brightest crayon in the box or anything like it. He is taken advantage of by one of his friends who works for a mafia organization.

They go to Thailand and his friend tricks him into becoming his mule. He messes it up at the airport and the authorities lock him up in a cheap motel for 7+ days, waiting for him to poop so they can press charges against him for smuggling.

Only he doesn’t.

Even though he’s slow, the main character is also extremely determined. So the plot moves forward, him undergoing extreme physical duress all in the hopes of not only saving himself from a lengthy prison sentence, but also helping the guy he still thinks is his friend.

Even if the movie is a little grating at times, the ending is quite satisfying in many respects. Also, Hugo Weaving acts as one of the cops, and his performance is simultaneously hilarious, infuriating, obscene and even noble. It’s complex, like the movie itself. But in the end…gratifying.

Rating: 3/5

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