Devils Tower

So I had the pleasure of visiting this place last weekend:

photo (1)

It’s called Devils Tower and is located in Wyoming. In Native American Legend, it is said that there were seven girls playing in a field when all of a sudden a giant bear came out and attacked them. The girls ran over to a small mound and prayed for the mound to get bigger so they could escape the bear. As they prayed, the mound started growing and erupting from the ground. The bear clawed at the mound but was unable to reach the girls. These seven girls then transformed into a group of stars known as the Pleiades Constellation, and the giant bear walked away, leaving the Tower clawed for the rest of its existence.

Scientists say the unique formation of this mountain is due to water erosion, since all of this was once underwater, but I like the bear myth better.

This spot is considered sacred to Native Americans, and it is also said that people who stop to take the time to pray there are granted strength and resolve. You do kind of feel some strange vibes there, actually. The white men called it Devils Tower because they could feel the presence of ‘evil spirits’, but I don’t think this place is evil. I like that it’s considered sacred, almost like a natural temple that anyone can visit if they wished.

This is also the place where Steven Spielberg had his alien-ship land and leave earth in his movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind:

close encounters of the third kind

Neat, no?

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