Vikings Season 3 Episode 5: The Usurper



The Vikings return to Kattegat and find out Siggy’s dead. Obviously this has repercussions on all the families involved in the incident.

Rollo loses his sh*t and gets into a fistfight with his nephew. Bjorn takes it a bit too far. Then Rollo goes to the seer and starts lamenting about his fate, and the seer basically mocks him. Poor Rollo.

Moving on…

Tensions arise when Ragnar finds out about Aslaug’s infidelity. And of course we all knew he would find out. Aslaug gets mad at him for not wanting to sleep with her, accusing him of having gotten so much sex in England that he doesn’t need it back at home. What’s ironic is that she was the one who got laid, not him. And it also may not have crossed her mind that Ragnar doesn’t want to sleep with her because he wants to find out if she got pregnant from this affair.

It’s not surprising Ragnar and Aslaug ran into this relationship drama. Frankly it’s a relief there’s finally something interesting happening between them.

And of course, then we have Lagertha, who has been usurped by Kalf. It may be shocking that Ragnar didn’t want to help her regain her earldom considering she’s been nothing but loyal to him, but he doesn’t want a civil war, his sights are on Paris… and he needs a united Kingdom for that. It seems like betrayal, but at the end it’s a valid reason.

It’s interesting to see Lagertha back in a disadvantageous position. She was too high and mighty and trusted too much in her charms and got played by a bigger player than her, and now she has to deal with the consequences of her mistake. But I’m sure she’ll make it through, Lagertha is nothing if not a ‘rise from her ashes’ type of girl.

Porunn’s face is all f*cked and it’s a pity for her. Once again, consequences of stupid decisions. We don’t know if Bjorn and her will make it. I guess it all depends on their baby.

Speaking of babies, Athelstan is going to be a father. Ecbert could really use this as a pull to keep him by his side.

And speaking of Ecbert, he used the Vikings to secure Mercia for himself and then went back on his word regarding the settlement, which was a surprise to absolutely no one. What will Ragnar do now? Does he have enough manpower to battle against King Ecbert?

It makes me wonder if it wouldn’t have been better for Lagertha to have stayed. She could have kept an eye on things…

Guess I’ll have to wait and see. I miss Princess Kwenthrith for sure… hopefully it won’t be the last we see of her.

Vikings Season 3 Episode 6 airs this Thursday, March 26. Stay tuned for the next review.


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