Mr. Robot episodes 1-5 review

mr. robot

Mr. Robot is a show about Elliot, a hacker in his mid-twenties who works for a cybersecurity company. His life was never easy, or normal. But it just got a whole lot more complicated after Mr. Robot–an anonymous-ish cyber terrorist–approaches him with the offer to destroy the multi-billion dollar corporation that killed his father. Everything just gets a whole lot crazier after that.

This is a cyberpunk hacker show, which means there’s a-lot of technological jargon and the show is infused with cyberpunk culture. Which is great, because I know next to nothing about cyberpunk culture, and I was totally engaged by the show. It has a great music track too, and the cinematography is brilliant.

Elliot is a relatable hero, in the sense that he’s human and flawed, yet still manages to be incredibly weird and fringe-y. He has a drug problem, which a-lot of young people these days have, and probably the most anxious (and confusing) episode of the show was when he was forced to detox.

The great thing about this show is that I don’t feel like I can trust anyone. Many times in Elliot’s voice over, he talks about finding people’s ‘bugs’, or vulnerabilities, and exploiting them to his advantage. Something he learned from Mr. Robot, maybe, or something he has always known as a hacker. This, of course, leads to a-lot of moral grey areas, which makes the show interesting and also deeply human.

But I can’t even trust Elliot, he’s an unreliable narrator.

mr. robot

Nevertheless, I’m rooting for him. I want him to succeed. I like him, even though he’s strange and distant and always in his head. That’s why the voice-over works, it’s similar to when you’re reading a book in a first person’s point of view. Since Elliot is so interesting, the voice-over doesn’t sound contrived, but actually helps character development.

All in all, one of the best shows of 2015 so far, and highly recommended.

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