Mr. Robot episode 6 review

This episode has been by far the darkest one in the season. Elliot is forced to hack into a prison’s security system and free Vera, the drug lord he locked up in the first place, or else his girlfriend bites the dust.

mr. robot

Mr. Robot confronts Elliot and tells him that he should let Shayla (the girlfriend) become a memory. Shayla chose to deal for Vera in the first place, she knew what she was getting into, she knew this was a possibility. It isn’t Elliot’s fault. And while Mr. Robot’s arguments make sense logically, Elliot just can’t bring himself to let Shayla die.

So he plays the game his own way, and he and Vera come to an agreement. What happens as a consequence of these negotiations at the end of the episode isn’t exactly surprising, but I will give credit to the show for keeping the episode so suspenseful that I didn’t even suspect the outcome until the very last scene.

And it’s devastating because Mr. Robot was right and Elliot just comitted a massive crime for nothing. On the plus hand, Vera got even, which means he may never bother Elliot again. I’m excited to see where the show will go from here and how Elliot, our hacker hero, will manage to cope with this huge blow.

Rating: 5/5

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