Suits season 5, episode 6 review

In this epsiode, Mike and Louis work together and both get played by Jack Soloff, who is apparently conniving with Daniel Hardman to get power within the firm. Jessica’s advice backfired tremendously; Louis should have dismissed it and played hardball as always.

On the Harvey front, he and his therapist hit a rough patch after she did what she had to do when she was summoned to testify on a case against Harvey and he did what he had to do to completely discredit her as a witness.

I like how unapologetically ruthless Harvey is. It’s one of the traits that make him such a good lawyer and such a great character to watch. His therapist does handle him well, even though it always seems like they’re fighting each other, much the same way Harvey and Scottie always fought each other. I’m beginning to suspect this will be Harvey’s next romantic relationship, but everyone knows two people who fight each other on a daily basis will not stay together in the long run. Again, remember Scottie?

When is Harvey going to realize Donna is the woman for him?

Probably a few seasons later.

Donna continues to work her magic and is helping Louis become a better lawyer and Mike and Rachel are still the happy lovey-dovey couple. But I have a feeling it won’t be like this forever. Mike’s secret is bound to create some problems sooner or later.

All in all it seems the season has caught its rythm and is developing nicely. I’m excited to see how Jessica will react to Soloff’s challenge. That woman is a force to be reckoned with.

Rating: 4/5

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