Suits season 5 review

suits season 5

Suits recently aired its midseason finale, with the remaining 6 episodes (what the creators and writers of the show call ‘the back six’) to be aired as early as january 2016. Which as always is so sad for me because I am left without one of my favorite shows and also my weekly lawyerly inspiration for about six months, which is sort of necessary for me because I’m a real-life lawyer and Suits is, in all truthfulness, a really inspiring show for lawyers.

Guess I have to settle for re-runs.

But now, for the review of what is the most shocking, although not entirely unexpected, midseason finale that I have ever seen.

Mike, one of our heroes, who also happens to be a con-artist, is arrested for ‘conspiracy to commit fraud’. Now, I make the distinction, because it may give us a hint as to what is to come later in the season.

Actual fraud is a different legal figure than ‘conspiracy to commit fraud’. An actual crime is not necessary to prosecute a conspiracy case — only the stated intent to break the law. This means that even if the ultimate crime was not committed, the conspirators can be prosecuted under federal law.

However, in Mike’s case, the ultimate crime was committed. He’s practicing law without a license, impersonating a lawyer. Thats Fraud, period. So why was he charged with ‘conspiracy to commit fraud’, instead of actual ‘fraud’?

It will be interesting to see what the answer is to this.

As for who turned Mike in, I thought of Jenny right away.

I noticed that in this season, they’re bringing back characters and even villains from earlier seasons, including Trevor and Daniel Hardman. This is good, because it means the executives and writers of the show are likely re-watching their earlier seasons (like I do all the time), and downloading a-lot of future inspiration from past plots.

This gives the story consistency and adds to its realism in so many levels, so I applaud them for re-visiting their roots.

This is the reason Jenny came to mind right away. She kind of loved Mike, and it must have been really hurtful for her to find out that he is marrying Rachel. She didn’t really strike me as the vindictive type, and she’s supposed to be married to Trevor now, but it would still make sense if she took this chance to get her revenge and then justify it to herself saying Mike deserved it, since he’s breaking the law.

Which would make her wrong, because Mike doesn’t deserve to be arrested. Him being named Junior Partner at an earlier age than even Harvey is proof of his talent and genius as a lawyer, albeit an unlicensed one.

But then, I may be wrong. Maybe it’s not Jenny at all. I guess we’ll see.

Now, for our other hero. This season has seen a huge character arc for Harvey, possibly the biggest one in personal terms for him. He finally went to a therapist and worked out his issues, even though he is one of the feistiest, most problematic psychiatric patients I have seen on TV. Which is great, because Harvey wouldn’t be Harvey if he didn’t challenge his doctor on a consistent basis.

We also found out a little more about his past, and realize that his commitment issues are probably a-lot more complicated than any of us anticipated. Which sucks for us fans who are rooting for a Donna-Harvey romantic relationship, but is good in terms of character growth and plot development, because if Donna and Harvey do end up together, it’s not going to happen easily, and it’s not going to happen fast.

This season Jessica blew me away. I don’t just like her and admire her, I want to be her. Every time she was confronted, every time she had to handle a problem, every time she was fighting for her firm, she was an absolute lioness, ready to fight to the death. It was inspiring to watch. Actually, this season has probably elevated Jessica to my third favorite character.

It’s true she chose her career over her personal life, which is not necessarily a choice I would be ready to make were I in her shoes, but now that she chose this path, Harvey did the right thing by sacrificing himself in order to save the firm that Jessica has put her entire heart, soul and sweat into.

Louis was a total mess, which is typical for him. He had his good moments, and he had his dick moments, and then he had everything in between. Despite everything that happened between him and Harvey this season, I see their relationship growing and cementing itself. Who knows, maybe Louis will end up as one of Harvey’s best friends in the long run.

Then again, Louis is Louis… so I might just be dreaming.

Rachel and Donna sort of didn’t grow that much this season. Donna’s ‘shine’ sort of diminished when she turned into Louis’s assistant, because instead of bantering and goofing off with her boss, all she does is fight Louis, which is exhausting after a while.

Rachel, on the other hand, is entirely devoted to Mike, which is romantic and lovely and adds a feminine touch to the show which is needed amidst all the aggressive cases going on. But I just think Rachel has more to offer than just being ‘the girl’, you know? She has more in her than just romance. And maybe Mike getting arrested is exactly what Rachel needs to finally start feeling, acting, and thinking like the razor-sharp lawyer we all know she is.

So that’s it, folks. I am eagerly awaiting this season’s back six episodes,  and hope the cast of characters we all know and love can find a way out of this giant shit-pot that is currently their lives.

Season 5 Review: *****

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