The Archangel Michael


An Introduction to His Prayer and Calling

In the Greek Tradition he was known as Apollo, slayer of the snake with his bow and arrow and Lord of the Sun. In the Persian Tradition as Ahura Mazda, God of the Sun. In the ancient Indian tradition as Krishna, the man who filled Arjuna with conscience so that he would slay the evil Kuravas. And in the western tradition, he’s known as Archangel Michael, Prince of Light and of the Heavenly Hosts, and Slayer of the Dragon.


Michael the Archangel’s prayer goes like this:

Archangel Michael

Defend us in Battle

Be our safeguard against the malice and snares of the devil

Rebuke the devil, we humbly beseech you

And do thou,

Prince of Light and of the Heavenly Hosts

By the Divine Power of God

Thrust Into the Darkness

All those forces wandering about the world

Seeking the ruin of the souls of mankind.

This is the prayer of a warrior. This is the prayer of a person living inside the daily chaotic and complex existence that is modern life. We are, every single day, under attack from different forces.

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Ours is an interesting time.

Never before in the known history of mankind have we been able to communicate thoughts to each other without speaking a word, or meeting face to face. We could say that in some degree, we have achieved mental control over mechanics. They can speak our thoughts. Not only that, but we have found a way to store massive amounts of information: Through the Internet.

Not only do we have access to information about any thought that we were ever curious about, but we can also communicate ourselves, reach out to people, known or unknown, within a moment’s notice.

But for all of these positives, there are also some negatives to seriously consider. The internet offers ample opportunity to fill our minds with different images that degrade our consciousness, such as celebrity gossip, innocuous humor (9gag I’m looking at you), and hundreds of other insubstantial information.

If we don’t learn how to manage technology and use this amazing tool to our advantage without getting sucked in for hour straight into a vortex of meaninglessness information, then the Internet actually ends up eating away at our consciousness, not to mention our time.

Besides the Internet, humans of today are also extremely interested in having ‘experiences’. Not just physical experiences, but mental as well. Since the hippy age, drug runs rampant in the world. It has never stopped since then, and has only evolved into something more sophisticated like underground phsyconaut experimenting circles and three day electronic tribal music festivals, all for the sake of satisfying human’s needs for something more other than what the mundane world has to offer.

Drugs induce experiences, and humanity is into that. Even the average sophisticated middle class worker is fond of red wine or some fine craft beer, because of how it makes them feel, the wit it inspires, and perhaps how it relaxes their tongue in conversation. Besides that, so many people from all types of background smoke weed regularly nowadays.

And I haven’t even mentioned the pharmaceutical-medical complex; that’s a whole other world.

Drugs are part of our society in every. single. way.

These are a just few of the ‘forces wandering about the world seeking the ruin of the souls of mankind’.

These forces, quite literally, represent the ‘Dragon’ of our age. Michael is the slayer of the Dragon, and if we take the time to understand and absorb his essence as the Prince of Warriors, we will gather enough strength into ourselves to fight against these forces and defeat the Dragon within.


This is an age of great darkness, but there also exists the possibility for great light. Our minds have never been more open. We are more accepting of each other’s differences than ever before. We are more aware of ourselves, and of the world, and more of us want to make a difference in any way we can, whether that means fighting for our rights within our country, cleaning up the planet from the sickeningly large amounts of pollution, saving some beautiful animal from extinction caused by climate change or from gross and unfair animal testing and killing for fur, or simply filling ourselves with the desire to become kinder to one another.

There is a counterculture growing every day, fighting against the current like the salmon, the most dignified of fishes. A conscious generation.

Michael’s generation.


The problem is that the forces of darkness are very strong.

Lots of wonderful people are suffering from addiction, from injustice, from abuse. From any manner and form of oppression, and are in some way seeking to break free of their chains.

The battle isn’t only happening in the outside world, it’s also happening within us, within our hearts, our lives, our minds. This is where relationships come in. We need each other, our partners and our parents and siblings and friends. We need to get along and to truly care for each other, genuinely seeking for the good for everybody and also for ourselves.

Archangel Michael’s prayer is for everyone, but especially for the person who has become aware of both the external battles of the world and the internal battles of the human being. A person, in other words, who has awakened to the truth of this age.

The mission of the person who has become aware of this truth is to become increasingly stronger, increasingly more warm-hearted towards others, increasingly wise, increasingly able to influence the world for the better. And this is the prayer that grants him protection from the evil powers of the world who would seek to destroy him in his path.

If Archangel Michael’s calling to the world could be heard in words, it would say, to those souls seeking to follow him:

‘Arise, and be watchful’.

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2 thoughts on “The Archangel Michael

  1. Thank you for the reminder of Archangle Michael ‘Calling’ and being willing to share your thoughts, feelings and awakening.

    I also find inspirations in this:
    “For the Michael Age”
    Rudolph Steiner [from lecture series 1910]

    We must eradicate from the soul
    All fear and terror of what comes towards Man
    Out of the future
    And we must acquire serenity
    In all feelings and sensations about the future
    We must look forward
    With absolute equanimity to everything that may come
    And we must think only that whatever comes
    Is given to us by a world directive full of wisdom
    It is part of what we must learn in this age,
    Namely to live out of pure trust
    Without any security in existence.
    Trust in that ever present help of the spiritual world.
    Truly, nothing else will do
    If our courage is not to fail us.
    And we must seek this awakening within Ourselves
    Every morning and every evening


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