The colloquial use of the word ‘bitch’

LOL I just read this like 6 months after I wrote it and seriously… what a rant hahaha. I sound like I’m 50, and I’m just 25. I guess it’s true there’s always a generation gap…


I’m going to write about something that really bothers me.

And that is the use of the word ‘bitch’ in modern colloquial conversation and vocabulary. A-lot of people use it, from females to males, and the usage is becoming more accepted and more common in day-to-day speech than ever before.


I recently came back from a trip to the States to visit my family, and my 16-year old cousin showed me the range of her musical interests, which left much to be desired. Almost all of the songs used this word to abuse the female gender and degrade women in the most various ways. I was stunned. I wanted to yell at her that she was barely out of diapers, that she was a woman, how could she be okay with men singing about abusing other women, what was she doing listening to such trash, what did she even like about it?

But I’m not her mother, I didn’t think it my place, and really, 16 is old enough to know your own mind and make your own decisions. So I said nothing, hoping my flatline expression spoke for itself. Now I regret it. I think I missed a golden opportunity at educating a member of the younger generation.

But this opened my eyes to a serious cultural problem.

The word BITCH literally means female dog… specifically, a female dog in heat. Whenever you or a friend calls someone else a bitch, you’re literally equating them to a HORNY ANIMAL.

How insulting is this?

Every time an acquaintance uses this word (my friends know better than to speak so vulgarly), be they male or female, it makes me cringe. A woman should never call another woman a HORNY ANIMAL. By doing so, they are insulting themselves and the rest of the female sex by equating all women to HORNY ANIMALS. As if women just existed to satisfy the pleasures of the flesh, as if they were on all the time, ready to go for whenever anyone needed them.

It’s sick.

When men call women bitches, it’s equally bad, and even more insulting.

When did it become okay to speak this way? When did it become okay for female friends to use this word in their interactions with each other? Is this really what we want to teach the younger generations: That we’re nothing better than animals in heat?

Watch your speech, for it has more power than you think it does. Poverty of speech leads to poverty of the spirit, and this is the worse kind of poverty there is.

It worries me what the future has in store for a culture that is so trashy, words like these are common in speech.

I encourage you to make a difference. Be better than that. Be a conscious individual and citizen of the world. Respect others. Things like these is what will truly make a our world a better place in the end.

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