Spiritual Progress

I made the decision, around a year ago, to faithfully pursue a spiritual path with diligence. This means training my soul in the feelings of reverence and devotion to that which is higher than myself, learning to meditate on the truths of existence, and also learning to see myself objectively for who I really am, with faults and all.

I have also tried to implement my will, weak as it is, over my body to learn to manifest control over my life. Trying to do what I must at work, fulfill the duties that life has established. Creating moments of inner peace where I can separate the essential from the inessential, as well.

All this coupled with an increasing understanding of the spiritual laws of the universe.

Now, I feel the need to delve deeper. To immerse myself completely in the movement of life: the processes of growing and blossoming, and dying and decaying. Receiving these feelings within my soul as I observe these processes, always one besides the other. Opening up my heart to the world of sounds both animate and inanimate, understand where people are coming from when they speak and learning to connect deeply with other souls and with nature.

This demands constant focus.

Already I have seen much progress on my spiritual path. I can see what I believe to be human auras without much effort and even spiritual lines when beholding objects and concentrating upon them. I can sense the energies swirling around in my chakras, each type of energy associated with a distinct characteristic tied to my personality. I have learned to sympathetically connect with people on a much deeper basis of understanding than I could before.

I am far from entering the path, however. I am reckless and impatient and lazy and get furious too easily. I can be proud, haughty, and even mean. There are many personality traits that must be purified, and I am working on that. I feel I am ready for the stage of preparation to begin.

The specific spiritual instruction I am receiving comes from the western stream of esoterism, which in colloquial terms refers to hidden knowledge about the universe and the human being. For more on this stream, please see Spiritual Science. 

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