The Seven Chakras and their development

‘Chakra’ is the sanskrit name for the vortexes of energy spaced throughout our body that regulate our spiritual organism. For people who are not spiritually active or who do not understand or do not seek to understand spiritual matters, the chakras are usually dull, de-sensitized and underdeveloped, easily blocked and swayed by different thoughts, emotions and patterns of conduct.


But once our conscience awakens to the Higher Worlds, our chakras begin to rotate, and then to develop petals of energy so that they start to resemble a lotus flower, as could be verified by a clairvoyant or seer. These chakras then turn into the vehicles that allows us to have contact with the spiritual world. But as long as we are spiritually inactive or sloth, and our conscience remains asleep, our chakras remain underdeveloped and still.

lotus flowers

In the past, when humans were closer to the divine than they are now, oriental masters advised their pupils to develop these chakras from the ground up. This is where the concept of ‘Kundalini’ or ‘coiled-snake’ energy comes from: Kundalini energy is lodged in the base of the spine in the form of a coiled snake, and when it awakens is said to travel from our first chakra upwards to the crown of the head, inducing enlightenment. In reality this kundalini energy is nothing more than the awakening of the chakras from the ground up.

However, in these modern days, when human beings tend more towards the rational, the concrete, the earthly than the divine, it is easier and generally safer for our emotional and soul life to develop these chakras from the crown of the head downwards, through the cultivation of our intuition (third eye chakra), the refinement of our speech (throat chakra), and through a deeper understanding of the force of love (heart chakra). When we have spiritually matured enough that the feelings cultivated in our heart are all pure, our speech gentle, and our understanding true, then it takes but a little will-power (solar plexus chakra) and drive towards doing always the right action, combined with the control of our lower sensual emotions (sexual organs chakra) and a confidence in the inexhaustible good forces of the universe (survival or root chakra) to become a spiritually awakened individual, with fully rotating chakras that would allow interaction with the spiritual world.

The interaction with this spiritual world, however, also depends on having the knowledge necessary to understand what is presented to our eyes in this spiritual world, in the form of interrelated symbols and currents of energy known in occult and esoteric circles as the Akashic Record, which is the etheric imprint of every event that has happened both in the spiritual and earthly world, presented through symbol. If we cannot read the Akashic Record, the spiritual world would only be confusion and the ground would slip below our feet.

It is a question of developing spiritually with the right disposition and direction, and the proper effort. I have briefly mentioned the right attitude one must assume for the proper development of each chakra in this post, but I will expand in future posts on right techniques for developing a connection and understanding with the spiritual world and a knowledge of Higher Worlds.

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