My Nordic Pets

I am in love with mythology, especially nordic and greek. The norse gods are fierce, powerful, and strong. Their stories are violent, but they are also mysterious, enigmatic, and a blend between light and shadow. It is an altogether heroic mythology, the virtues of endurance and courage and personal strength are exalted to an extraordinary degree. Our pets (a cat and a dog), of course, had to be named after these awe-inspiring mythological figures.

My pets



Baldur is a male tuxedo alpha cat born october 14th, 2010. He’s territorial, curious about the world, and extremely agile. Affectionate, but easily irritated. He tries to dominate the dog, and hates it when anybody gets in his personal space without his consent. He’s also very vocal and communicative, he meows a-lot. My husband says he can understand what the cat is trying to say depending on what meow he uses. Like when he wants water, he meows a certain way. He is highly intelligent, it’s my impression he understands much of what surrounds him and of himself.

Origin of the name

Baldur is the Norse God that is most beloved by Odin and the rest of the Gods, for his kind heart, gentle manners, and handsome beauty. Hel, the goddess of the underworld, jealous of the light Baldur shone upon the heavenly worlds, conspired with Loki, god of mischief, to have him killed. Baldur’s soul had to descend to the underworld after the nasty plot unraveled, and there he remains alongside Hel, his constant companion. Now he’s a god of darkness, a loving deity that brings comfort to the souls of the dead migrating through the underworld.



Brunilda is a female american eskimo doggy born july 16th, 2015. She is energetic, playful, loving, adventurous, and very protective. She’s a guardian dog, has alpha tendencies, and loves to go on long runs. She wakes up early, at the crack of dawn. Sleeps beside me every night. Easily trainable, understands everything I tell her basically. It only took me a week to teach her obedience training. I have the pleasure of having two very highly intelligent pets 🙂

Origin of the name

Brunilda is the leader of the 9 valkyries, daughters of Odin and Shieldmaidens of the Gods, whose duty is to raise the souls of dead soldiers and escort them to Valhalla, the hall of heroes. There the fallen warriors may feast, drink and be merry until the coming of Ragnarok, the end of the world, where they shall put on their armour once again and be led by Brunilda and the rest of the Valkyries into battle under the banner of Odin, against all the forces of death and darkness.

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