The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a subject that is hard to describe for one who knows only about it theoretically. I am still not at a point in my path where I have been granted access from the Higher Powers of existence to behold this field, but people more advanced than I, with spiritually open eyes, have beheld it and in fact know how to read it and understand its meaning.

To be able to see the Akashic Record, and more importantly, understand it, one must be initiated into the mysteries, or at least be an advanced pupil of The Esoteric School.

Nevertheless, even though I am merely seeking to become an aspirant to pupilhood and not one yet, and therefore my understanding of the matter is surely to be limited, I will explain what I understand to the best of my current abilities.

Every event in the purely human field, has an imprint in the etheric double of the world, the energetic blueprint of the universe. Every thought, emotion, intent and action leaves its corresponding imprint in this blueprint. The Astral World leaves an imprint. Our ego leaves an imprint. All of these imprints together trace the beginning of the history of humankind until its present moment, but these imprints are all shown in symbolic form.

These forms, these indelible letters written in the spiritual world, are known as The Akashic Record. Initiates, that is, spiritual masters, can read these symbols, and understand a great deal about man and the universe.

Didn’t Apollo’s Oracle in ancient Delphi read..?:

Know Thyself, and you shall Know the Secrets of the Universe

In the past, when mankind’s eye was naturally open to this field, people saw these symbols in the water, in the stones, in the trees. They saw it in nature, and also saw it in the stars, in the cosmos. Then our ego was born, our I, and everything changed. Humankind saw itself, and knew themselves, and desired themselves.

With the birth of the ego came the birth of selfishness, and our spiritual eyes closed. On the upside, our rational mind opened. Law, commerce, engineering, everything that we have in our modern world is a result of the development of this rational and analytical mind. But the development of this type of faculty came with the corresponding loss of the ability to see naturally into the spiritual world.

Now is the time to return to the Spirit. Now is the time to re-open our spiritual eyes. And we can do this only by purifying our ego, our I, and moving upwards into higher stages of consciousness. Specific methods designed to awaken the birth of the Higher Self are designed to help us do this, but they will only work safely and truly if our intention is to purify ourselves for the sake of helping humanity, and not just for freeing ourselves. I will be discussing these methods in upcoming posts.

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