The Esoteric School

The capacities by which we can reach an elevated state of spirituality lie dormant within each one of us. The path of spiritual development is traced out in indelible symbols in what is known in occult circles as The Akashic Record, and only those masters who can understand these symbols, who are familiar with these mysteries, can give us precise direction and guidance as to how properly come into a relationship with these mysteries.

These masters are known as Initiates (into the mysteries), and the school by which they impart their knowledge is called The Esoteric School. There is only one school, as there is only one Truth. This school has existed throughout mankind’s entire known and unknown history, and will continue to exist well into the foreseeable future. Anyone can become a pupil of the Esoteric School by developing certain faculties of soul.

The aspirant pupil must develop these faculties to a certain degree of excellence, seeing as there are two laws that bond all Initiates of The Esoteric School together:

  1. Knowledge due a seeker cannot be withheld
  2. Knowledge may not be imparted upon anyone not qualified to receive it.

The more perfect the initiate, the more perfectly these two laws are kept. A sincere seeker for the truth will receive all knowledge that is due, as long as he is qualified to receive it. One’s quality is measured by the extent to which certain faculties of soul are developed in one’s soul. Spiritual masters have a way of observing these faculties and their development by themselves, without us needing to say anything.

We can be sure that when the time is right and if the student is willing, the master shall appear and initiation into the mysteries will reach us whatever the circumstances. But until then, an aspirant pupil to The Esoteric School must continue dutifully working on his own self, and to develop these faculties of soul to a more perfect degree each day. This is the condition for the aspirant: A sincere and unwavering pursuit for virtue and truth, that in every way will prepare us to receive secret knowledge.

Our intention in the pursuit of this secret knowledge must always be to ennoble ourselves for the sake of humanity, not to enrich our own private store of learning.

In upcoming posts, I will write more extensively the specific methods that develop the faculties of soul that every aspiring pupil of The Esoteric School needs to develop.

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