Advice for Aspiring Writers

I have some advice for aspiring writers and any one who will take it:
1. Don’t be arrogant. It’s easy to believe your book or manuscript or idea is the best thing in the world, but most likely, it’s not. Extremely few first drafts are even remotely ready to be published. It’s okay. Give yourself time to write and make mistakes, but also give yourself time to edit and review and get opinions from readers and correct those mistakes. In order to get a good product, you have to work on it. Pride just gets in the way.
2. Believe in yourself. There is only one person who can tell the story you have in your head, and that is you.
3. Set deadlines. It’s good to have some sort of structure.
4. Hire a copyeditor. It is not so expensive, and a thorough copyedit will make your book much more credible.
5. Write for at least an hour a day, every day. Be consistent.
6. Before publishing/querying, research as much as you can on how to market and promote your book.
7. Have fun! Writing is an art form, and writers are artists, but it doesn’t mean we should be all serious about it. This is about story, something that delights our hearts and that we all love. It’s fun!


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