How I got the idea for The Sun Child

The inspiration for my Dark/Urban Fantasy novel The Sun Child came from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I was fascinated with her vampires, with how open and accepting of their darkness some of them were and how others were completely obsessed with feeling guilty over what they had become.

I was also intrigued by the notion of morality in a creature that could take other people’s lives so easily, but I didn’t want to write about vampires. It was 2007 and Twilight was in full bloom, and I wasn’t interested in writing in the vein (pun intended) of this popular vampire trend, even though I love vampires.

So I decided to create an altogether different creature, and since vampires were the children of the night, I thought why not reverse this and make my creature a Child of the Sun. And why not instead of using fangs to kill they use a mysterious power that pours out of their eyes through a golden sun-like glow.

And what if–and here is where the morality part comes in–my creature could not only kill humans at will, but also heal them? And what if these two things were closely interconnected?..

So that was how the idea for The Sun Child came about. Of course the romance and the heartbreak and the power struggles and the friendship, all that came later on, making the story stand out on its own. But the inspiration? It’s all Rice.

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