Suits season 5 ‘the back six’ review

USA CORPORATE -- "USA Network Upfront 2013 Talent Portraits" -- Pictured: Patrick J. Adams from Suits -- (Photo by: Jill Greenberg/USA Network)


So they did it. They finally did it. Suits put Mike Ross in jail, and the firm lost all of its employees. The characters lost everything. EVERYTHING. Majos losses. C’est finite. Doomsday.

I’m being explicit here because I want to emphasize how brave the show was in taking the difficult route out. It may feel unfair to have a beloved character like Mike Ross go to jail. Jail is tough shit. It may feel unfair that the firm imploded on Harvey and Louis and Jessica.

But you know what…


Nobody forced these characters to do something illegal. If Harvey liked Mike Ross’s mind so much back in season 1, he could have hired him as a legal intern or personal assistant or whatever. I don’t know, maybe Mike could have continued with community college until a university finally accepted him back, even though he got expelled from another university in the first place. Maybe he could have graduated, and then gone to law school. Maybe even Harvard. And maybe not Harvard, but perhaps after he’d been working in the firm a few years and finally graduated Law School, the partners would have made an exception for his brilliant mind and let him work as a lawyer for them, breaking their ‘Harvard only’ policy. Hey, these were all valid story options.

But no, everyone just decided to play it fast and loose. Well, here are the consequences. Here they are.

I’m glad they did it. In a way, it sanitizes the whole premise of the show. And it was brave.  So much emotional drama, so much legal drama, and even more to come. These characters have to prove what they are really made of now, and who they really are.

The biggest loser here, of course, is Rachel. Getting stood up at the altar on your wedding day? Not fun, I assume.

I don’t know what direction the show is going to take next season. I know they don’t want to do a time jump. That, again, would be the easy way out. And I, for one, am really curious to see Mike Ross in jail. Very ‘orange-is-the-new-black-y’ in my opinion.

In conclusion, Suits is a show that is only increasing in quality, or at least maintaining it. And it’s a pretty high standard. I’ll definitely keep watching. From the start of season 1, episode 1, I’ve never stopped.

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