My Altar

IMG_1442 (1)

This is my Altar.

It’s where I practice my meditations.

The light of the candle has come to represent the presence of higher forces surrounding me when I meditate.

At the end, when I put out the candle, I always thank Archangel Michael and Lady Mary for being with me, ‘now and always’.

First I only had the statue of Michael. I was gifted the statue of the Virgin Mary later (which I call Lady Mary because I feel this title to be more universal), and I love it because now I have two statues representing both the masculine and the femenine side of the higher forces.

I usually keep fresh flowers as an ‘offering’ to these higher forces, and for decoration. I also use the flowers to practice clairvoyant observation of plants. I use the crystals to practice, as well (These clairvoyance excercises are described in the beginning chapters of How To Know Higher Worlds).

It’s a simple space but it helps me reconnect with myself 🙂

Stay spiritual, people

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