The Guardian of the Threshold


Imagine all of your sins, all of your faults, and defects, and hidden cruelties, and unknown dark desires, and fears, and hates… Imagine all of your Shadow Self expressed as a hideous, deformed beast, a dragon of unknown evil proportions, the manifestation of every dark thing inside of you, of your very worst Self.

That is the Guardian of the Threshold, aka The Beast.

He stands at the barrier between physical and spiritual reality, and he bars the entrance until you have purified him entirely, until you have set him–and yourself–free.

He is entirely your creation. He has been with you since the beginning of your existence, and he will be there at the end of your earthly existence, as well. You are its maker. Therefore, it is your responsibility to purify it.

To do so, we must purify all of the ugliness inside us, first.

Until we don’t, this Guardian of the Threshold holds immense power over us. It bars the entrance to eternal wisdom. It roots us downwards towards the earth and away from the heavens, away from the powers and forces that want to guide us towards the Light.

In a way, he does so out of Love.

The Guardian of the Threshold holds us back because we aren’t prepared. We aren’t strong enough, clean enough, pure enough for the spiritual worlds. The Guardian is afraid for us, afraid that we will be destroyed. The Guardian pushes us back, seemingly out of hate, doubt and fear, but truly out of Love.

Because it wants us to succeed in our task of purifying ourselves and of purifying him. Because it loves us, and we must love him, too.

He wants us to redeem him.

And to do so, we must redeem ourselves.

guardian of the threshold

One thought on “The Guardian of the Threshold

  1. Interesting. I like this perspective. I don’t consider the Guardian as “evil” in the traditional sense. I see the “shadow” as those parts of myself that have become walled off by believing in duality rather than Unity . . . those parts that keep me from being whole.

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