The Akashic Records: From the Perspective of One Anthroposophist

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Everything that has ever happened in the world, every thought that has ever been thought, and every emotion that has ever been felt, has imprinted itself in a subtle field that in occultist circles is called ‘the akasha’. Every war and every love affair has been recorded into the Akasha. It is the twin of the earth, suspended in the aether, interpenetrating all aspects of physical reality and acting as the conserver of history.

But this is not the limit of what is contained within the Akashic Records. They are called very specifically the Records for one reason: For millennia, initiates have poured spiritual wisdom and their own findings about reality into the Akashic Records, in the form of Symbols. This is called the Occult Script.

Part of the training of an esoteric pupil is to learn to read the Occult Script of the Akashic Records. This is the only way of gaining direct access to the millenary spiritual wisdom of initiates. The process of learning to read the occult script is explained in Rudolf Steiner’s ‘How To Know Higher Worlds’.

It is part of the second level of initiation, called The Water Trial.

Little by little different Symbols will present themselves in the field of vision of the pupil that will act as prompting towards some form of action.

It is the pupil’s job to figure out what the symbol means and to act accordingly. If they have successfully carried out their ‘mission’ on the physical plane, then the symbol will transform itself to reflect this reality. It is thus that the pupil learns to read the Occult Script and the meaning of each symbol.

The preparatory training, where the pupil learns to ‘see’ the colors and ‘hear’ the sounds of the spiritual worlds, serves as a basis for the understanding of this Occult Script. To properly read the Occult Script one must not only understand what the symbols mean, but unite with with them, intuitively comprehend the symbol both in thought and feeling, through what anthroposophists know as ‘goethean observation’.

People like Rudolf Steiner and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky—the two greatest clairvoyant initiates and founders of the two most serious schools of esoteric thought in the modern world—could access the realities in the Akashic Records and interpret them according to their own understanding. They could mentally travel to the past and see the imprints of events, like the life of Jesus of Nazareth or the training of the ancient Himalayan Monks.

Rittelmeyer, a friend of Steiner’s, relates how the Doctor sometimes spoke of things during his lectures as if he were directly experiencing those things at that very moment. Steiner would slow down, as if to make sure of what he was seeing before finishing his sentence; or other times he would speed up as he’d deliver an inspired and eloquent speech while staring fixedly at a point in space beyond the audience.

An interesting footnote to all of this is that the reading of the Akashic Records is a science, and it being so, it majorly helps occultists to have details such as the year and months that events happened, so that they can pinpoint them precisely in the flow of time.

Not only could initiates like Steiner behold events of the past, but they could also commune with other spiritual masters, initiates, and higher forces during their excursions into the Akashic Records.

They could also look into the future.

Steiner made three predictions about the near future (twentieth and twenty-first century) century based on his reading of the Akashic Records that I believe have already come to fruition: the use of technology as a way to mentally communicate with each other (hello, facebook!), the use of both recreational drugs and pharmaceuticals as a way to affect the physical body in different ways, and the massive propagation of sexual evil (such as pedophilia and the like). For more on this please see Steiner’s lecture on the Work of the Angel in the Astral and Etheric Body.

It is important to bear in mind that the Akasha is all around us, even in our thoughts, even in our feelings… and it being so, the Akashic Records can also be accessed by the non-clairvoyant precisely through our thoughts and through our feelings. In fact, this is what Steiner encourages us to do when he says we should actively observe the events of our times and think about where it will lead us, think about how the actions of today will affect tomorrow.

Thinking is the key word here. And we learn to think by observing first.

Steiner said Michael was a silent Spirit, who didn’t speak much. His strength was in his gaze. But the one thing Steiner did hear Michael say, which Steiner himself considered to be the maxim of our Michaelic Epoch, were the following words:


It’s really important to observe… to constantly observe.

To access the Akashic Records through our thoughts means to land upon the reality of things, come across truths, and have a certainty in our reflections. It means our ideas are correlating with spiritual realities. For this, our observation must be accurate and our thinking mechanism must be sharp. It must be multi-layered, many-dimensional, able to reach out and grasp concepts and hold them and interrelate them with others.

We all have the potential and the faculty to do this. Everyone has within them the latent abilities necessary to think accurately and certainly about things.

In fact, it’s what Steiner encourages his pupils to do in How To Know Higher Worlds… to think about the current state of affairs, the big problems of humanity, and about the possible future consequences of present situations.

Events that haven’t yet happened have not been imprinted in the Akashic Records, but their potential does create a form of spiritual reality in the Akasha which our idea correlates with, as long as we’re thinking clearly about things. Thus, our idea melds with a potential spiritual reality of the future, and we can observe and develop it accordingly.

It is also important to understand that there is some form of architecture in the Akasha. Yes, there’s symbols, and yes, there is is the blueprint of every single event that has happened in the history of humanity and the spiritual form of every potential future event that will happen, and there’s also Spiritual Beings and Forces.

But besides all this, there are lines, and figures, and forms. Like I said, architecture. There’s also a-lot of light. This simple architecture and this marvelous light is what is usually first revealed to the pupil’s newly developing sight.

I feel like I’m being naughty and breaking some rule by what I’m about to say next.

Please don’t take it as some form universal truth, it might all just be an illusion I have created and I might be on the wrong track and desperately lost and worthless and disconnected from reality.

Or I might be on to something. At this point I don’t know. And that’s fine. I’m living in the question.

The deal is this:

I can usually look at a point in space, with my eyes closed or open, and see some form of changing geometric shape. It’s faint. No matter where I move my eyes, it’s always at the focal point, at the center. And it’s constantly transforming and moving, like in a kaleidoscope. I can’t do this all the time. I have to relax a bit and focus. It’s not automatic. And sometimes I don’t see it, no matter how much I want to.

I can also usually see some lines. One time I felt myself get irritated at someone, and the lines turned jagged, pointy, aggressive. It was the first time I received confirmation from Steiner’s statement that our thoughts and feelings create definite spiritual lines.

Also, sometimes I’m lying in my bed and staring at the ceiling with the lights on, and slowly everything starts going white, the contours of everything around me start to disappear. The last time this happened, the geometric shapes started appearing in the front of the light for the first time… and then I lost it after a second.

I’m still emotionally detached from what I’m seeing. I know I still have to figure out the meaning of this… and I feel like it’s a long way to that. I’m also aware I might have to retrace my steps later, or dismantle every conception I’ve elaborated about this experience so far, because I might be wrong about everything. Lol.

But it’s what I’ve seen. Take it or leave it, believe me or not, it makes little difference to me. Just thought I would share… and give my own personal empirical proof that yes, there seems to be a reality behind the veil of the physical world, after all… and it’s there, in front of me somewhere, even if I don’t yet fully understand it.

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