Creating Karmic Connections Online

karmic connections

The devil is in the details.

By communicating through the Internet we are engaging with other people on an Astral level.

This creates Karma.

This creates binding karma between two individuals who would otherwise probably have never met in their lives; it creates Karma where it shouldn’t originally exist.

I have karma with my family.

I have karma with my husband and soulmate–big and complicated and enthralling karma that I greatly and deeply cherish. This karma has been in the making for lifetimes, and it will take lifetimes until our two souls finally become ONE in Spirit again, until both of our souls cross the threshold together into the divine union of a single being, having left behind everything else that is unimportant. Until the two drops in a large ocean form a single drop of water–my soul becoming his and his soul becoming mine. An Alchemical Union.

This is our karmic committment to each other, and it goes beyond time and beyond lifetimes and beyond external events and our day-to-day lives and the mistakes made by our lower selves.

And I have karma with my friends, and I have karma with every single person I meet and have had a real-world interaction with…

But my day-to-day life has nothing to do whatsoever with the day-to-day life of any of you people–yet still we are forging a connection through the Astral when we communicate and engage.

What are the real effects of communicating virtually and forging this connection?

We may have a purpose in mind; but the tool–the Internet–may have another purpose entirely.

One thing is the intention that we choose to give our actions, and another thing is the intention that the Tool itself has been designed to have.

Connecting people through the Astral who otherwise have probably little to no prior Karmic relationship…

Creating Karma based on these Astral connections. Creating Karma where it shouldn’t originally exist.

This is one of the most visible effects.

I shiver a little eveytime I think about the concept.

Because I don’t know what it means, and I don’t know what the long-term repercussions of this will be.

This internet interaction that takes place exclusively on the soul level is not prompted by external events. Precisely because it is not prompted by external events, but rather sought-out from within, new karma is created. The events were not pre-destined.

Everytime I think about it long enough, it makes me want to go for a clean break. Quit this cold turkey.

But then I don’t because there’s the Anthroposophy. And a certain perhaps misguided feeling of responsibility.


The devil is in the details.

2 thoughts on “Creating Karmic Connections Online

  1. FJ Gottlieb,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Karma, destiny, tools like the internet. For being a gardener sowing seeds of thinking. My view for myself on the Karma we create on the internet ~ via the astral level when we connect with another, is #1 a conscious choice knowing I must own my own thoughts and feelings and with this follows the karma which from my take is an opportunity to further learn and expand our being . Awareness that a choice even exist for the tools we use and the consequences of this choice. Awareness that our thoughts, feelings and actions create karma is part of what we all – are to now learn in the school of life. The internet is a tool much like many tools that can create or harm, it is a gift to help jump start humanity to the possibilities of what can be. It can help further our personal and spiritual growth for ourselves and others with joy, beauty and /or create a torturous path that must be traveled to balance the scales. With the internet comes a great opportunity to share our story, our challenges, triumphs and do-overs. Maybe someday we become advanced enough as human being to access all the knowledge we find on the internet internally and then communicate via thoughts and feelings with all of life. The devil is in the details ­ may the light of truth illuminate the way.

    Peace be with with always

    Jeff Moffat

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