One of My Talismans


One of My Talismans.

I carry this one around in my wallet.

Repeatedly saying a Prayer has the effect of making the Astral environment denser, a phenomena that lends profundity to our feeling life. Our feelings are usually superficial or dream-like; we choose to stay on the surface of things instead of going to their depths—but prayers counterbalance this.

When practiced mindfully, prayer wakes up the feeling life, specifically feelings of reverence and humility.

When you make the Astral environment denser through prayer, you are also spiritually ‘building a hut’ by surrounding yourself with the intention and essence of the prayer to such a degree that you are creating, as it were, SPACE in the Spiritual Worlds, a SPACE made up of this intention and this essence.

You are also sending out thought-forms and feeling-forms that radiate outwards from your ‘hut’ and that end up affecting the whole world.




“Thomas More, you were a

Lawyer and a statesman. Your

Honor and integrity shone

Through all you did. Through

Your example I pray that I

Apply my knowledge of the Law

In a clearheaded and

Honorable way. May I never

Compromise my integrity.”


These are the building blocks of this particular Hut.

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