Future Jupiter


I am going to share the systematic deductions that I have arrived at regarding the physical (and spiritual) nature of humanity in Future Jupiter… In other words, what will Future Jupiter look like.

I reached these conclusions after having studied Occult Science; Steiner’s lectures regarding the wisdom of Christian Rosenkreuz–I like to call them his ‘cosmic’ lectures, since Rosenkreuz is a cosmic initiate; and some of Steiner’s lectures on sexuality and the evolution of the reproductive cycle.

DISCLAIMER: Steiner doesn’t ever describe Future Jupiter directly (that I know of). That is why I call all of this a ‘systematic deduction’. I read a-lot of information from several different sources and put the pieces together through a little synthetic thinking and active imagination. Having said that, is there a possibility of me being wrong? Yes. I’m always open to that possibility, and I’m not afraid of it. Is there a possibility of me being right? Also, yes.

Don’t take my (or anyone else’s) words as truth without first conducting your own personal spiritual investigations into the matter. I’ve told you where to look and where I found my own info If you’re interested in doing the necessary background research!

All right, now on to the subject matter… I’m going to keep this short, only four paragraphs of information:

1. Future Jupiter will be a re-capitulation of Old Moon in several ways, the most outstanding being that humanity’s sphere of activity won’t be on the physical plane, where we will basically be inactive, but on the emotional and mental plane. Human beings will be able to communicate with each other, and work with each other, through intermingling currents of thoughts and feelings. In this way, our main sphere of activity will be a spiritual-energetic-astral field just above the earth (like there was on Old Moon) where human beings will roam freely, while at the same time being attached through an etheric cord to our own physical bodies.

2. We will live through our thoughts and feelings. These will no longer just be shadow images, but living concepts, living forces. Our physical body, like I said before, will be inactive, meaning it won’t move. It will also be asexual. It will resemble in some vague form the trees of current Earth, with our roots firmly planted on the ground and our bodies growing vertically into different branches. Our brain, which is currently like a muscle that is closed in on itself, will expand into its three distinct branches of Thinking, Feeling and Willing… and this way we’ll be able to use its maximum capacity.

3. The Spoken Word will serve as our method of reproduction. Every time a human being speaks, formulating in this way a concept or an idea of some sort, a seed will be created in the human being’s Larynx or Throat Chakra. This seed will then be expulsed from our larynx, and fall down on the ground, where it will take root and grow into another human being. In this way, the Spoken Word will be considered sacred, and only used on rare occasions for the specific purpose of human reproduction.

4. Future Jupiter will be created after current Earth is destroyed. There will be a ‘pralaya’, an epoch of cosmic inactivity after the Earth dies, and then a ‘manvantara’, a period of cosmic activity, where the universal forces will gather once again in our little corner of the galaxy in order to create humanity’s new planet.

Now, to end on a personal note…

I do feel urged to share this information for whatever purpose, so I do.

But in all honestly, I’m reticent about this. I don’t want to guard this information close to my heart and not let anybody else see… but I am somewhat afraid of the mockery of people, and their jealousy. I’m afraid of all of the shadow human emotions that might flit past the reader’s mind while reading this piece that may distract from its message.

But The Spirit tells me that none of this really matters, that those shadow human emotions that others may feel while reading this won’t affect me, personally, in the least, and that there might be people who are genuinely curious about this. It also tells me that the thinkers and philosophers of these occult matters have always been persecuted, and not to consider myself the exception.

So I share what I know in my limited understanding and hope it will benefit, or inform, or at the very least entertain all of you readers out there.

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