The Great Battle in the Spiritual Worlds of 1842-1879


A meditative series on Michael wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the spiritual battle that took place in the years 1842-1879.

In 1842, a massive host of Angeloi (angelic spirits—those that are exactly one level above our own level of consciousness) rebelled against the Archangels, Archai, and the Godhead itself and allied themselves to the forces of Ahriman.

One of their aims (only one, for they had many) was to stop esoteric knowledge of the Spirit from becoming available to human beings, while the forces of the Light wanted the complete opposite, they wanted human beings to have access to this knowledge if they felt the urge to seek for it.

So from 1842 to 1879 the forces of the Ahrimanic Angeloi battled the forces of Light in the spiritual worlds. The effects of this reverberated in the physical world.

For 27 years, the forces of darkness exerted direct influence over humans—they implanted thoughts in their heads, and such—and thus manipulated events on the physical plane in order to further their aims.

These things are possible.

In 1879, however, Michael once again defeated the Dragon—the hosts of Ahrimanic Angeloi being the Dragon in this case. He expelled them all from the spiritual worlds… and into the physical one.

This action is what finally allowed esoteric Knowledge of the Spirit to become available in the physical realm in a real and concrete way. That people could have the Freedom to access this Knowledge of the Spirit was imperative for the dawn of the Michaelic Age.

One of the consequences of this action, however, is that the Ahrimanic Angeloi that were once battling the forces of Light in the spiritual worlds are now Ahrimanic Demons roaming the earth and seeking to ruin human souls.

One of their aims (only one, for they have many) is to turn people into complete materialists, or make people think about the Spirit in obscure or abstract ways. Fundamentally, they want to prevent people from knowing the SPIRIT truly, or to know it at all.

Michael opened the way to the Spirit.

What we do now is up to us…

We are not alone.

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