Michael’s Prayer & Calling



In the Greek Tradition he was known as Apollo, God of the Sun and slayer of the snake with his bow and arrow.

In Persia he was known as Ahura Mazda, Lord of the Sun.

In the ancient Indian tradition as Krishna, the Boddisatva who filled Arjuna with a higher conscience so that he could gather his strength and slay the evil Kuravas.

And in the western tradition, he’s known as Michael, Prince of Light and of the Heavenly Hosts and Slayer of the Dragon.

The exoteric prayer of “St. Michael the Archangel” goes like this:

Defend us in Battle
Be our safeguard against the malice and snares of the devil
Rebuke the devil, we humbly beseech you
And do thou,
Oh Prince of the Heavenly Hosts
By the Divine Power of God
Thrust Into the Darkness
All those forces who wander about the world
Seeking the ruin of the souls of mankind.”

This is a powerful prayer. It is a prayer for someone who is awake to the truth that we are, every single day, under attack from different kinds of destructive forces. It is the prayer of a warrior.

The forces that the warrior must face represent, quite literally, the ‘Dragon’ of our age.

If practiced regularly, Michael’s prayer has the power to grant the individual protection from the evil powers of the world who would seek to destroy him/her in this difficult path.

If Michael’s calling could be heard in words, it would say, to those souls seeking to follow him:

‘Arise, and be watchful’.

There is a new generation of warriors growing every day, fighting against the current, like the salmon. A generation with open minds and open hearts willing to make a difference. A generation that sees reality for what it is.

A conscious generation.

Michael’s generation.

The keepers of the living flame, the bearers of wisdom. The Michaelic Warriors of times and future lives to come.

5 thoughts on “Michael’s Prayer & Calling

  1. I really enjoy the very frequent posting of yours for the last month, I can hardly keep up properly reading them! Thanks for sharing them in this factual way that I so much like in Steiner’s works. Don’t dare to stop 😉 but keep writing!

    I have already written down the Michael prayer for myself and will start working with it! Presently my night-prayer is the esoteric Lord’s Prayer – according to the “legends” Steiner used to say so loud in hotel rooms that it was audible in the adjoining rooms but I don’t know if it’s an urban myth or not – and it’s time to extend the variety a little bit just to concentrate on other aspects of life.

    • Hello Martinisti, I so enjoy your comments. I wrote all of these posts during the course of the last year and now I’ve scheduled them to be published daily on my blog.

      Great urban myth, whether true or not! Here’s another Michael prayer that’s also very interesting:

      “O glorious Archangel Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Host, defend us in battle, and in the struggle which is ours against the principalities and Powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against Spirits of evil in high places.”

  2. As I mentioned yesterday I had the firm intention to start working with that prayer in the post. Arriving home after our usual Wednesday anthroposophical study group, I decided to write it down with my hands into my lecture notebook and say it right on the day when I found it.

    This is nothing special so far, but after writing it down and reading it once, I knew it by heart! Though my memory is not as it used to be (I had been really quick learning poems / lyrics / etc) it somehow felt I didn’t learn just started to know it.

    I guess that’s a good sign for that I was really ready for it! And there’s a lot more in my mind about this newfound view of mine towards Michael, but it’s still only in the process of emerging up to the conscious level. At this point, it’s mostly a churning of feelings and instincts.

    So thanks not just for sharing, but sharing at the right time, I’m glad – at least with this one – you waited since last year to publish it! 😉

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