Michael & Christ


I woke up at this time especially to write this post. The silence of the slumbering hours affords me space–in every way. The darkness is heavy, almost palpable… heavier than the darkness of the preceding nighttime hours. It is always darkest before the dawn, so the quote goes, and at this time the quote comes alive.

It is precisely 2 hours before dawn. The stars are dim, but present. In 2 hours the Sun will make its entrance in the east, above the rainforest-covered mountains of my neighborhood, and it will color the sky in different hues of pink, orange, red and sometimes purple.

The Sun, the abode of Michael, will make its appearance, shining its LIGHT above all of humanity.

But for now, there are the stars. There is the Moon. There is the Earth.

There is the Christ.

The Christ abides in the Earth, alongside humanity. But it has not always been so. Before the Mystery of Golgotha, the Christ lived in the Sun, alongside Michael. The Christ left the Sun only to incarnate in the body of Jesus of Nazareth.

If this event could be visualized in some way, we would see Michael and the rest of the lower-ranking Sun Spirits gathering around the Christ and observing as he separated himself from the Sun and headed towards the Earth, and saying, in awe;

‘Lo! He is Departing.’

On his side, Jesus of Nazareth can be understood as being the reincarnation of the original Zarathustra, the great Persian philosopher devoted to the Sun God Ahura Mazda. During his lifetime as Zarathustra, this individuality made an Immortal Oath. He swore that one day, he would sacrifice EVERYTHING: his body, his ether, his astrality, even his own I, for the great Sun Spirit. In his lifetime as Jesus of Nazareth, the time came for this individuality to deliver on that Oath. And he did… thus the Christ slowly, but surely, incarnated into a human body, his Spirit even reaching the bones.

When he died, the Christ went through the gates of the Underworld, and he saw what humans experienced there. He understood what they suffered.

Since the Mystery of Golgotha, the essence of the Christ has permeated the Earth. He lives in the earth, alongside humanity. But where does this leave Michael?

Michael is fighting, every day, to reach the Earth from the Sun. He is seeking to reunite with the Christ. But the Christ can only truly come alive through Human Hearts. Because of this, Michael can only reunite with the Christ through a human heart that knows Christ’s Love.

Michael & Christ will always seek to be together, because in a way they are One and the Same. But in other ways, they are different.

The Christ is the Son of the Father. Michael is the Son of Sophia, the cosmic mother.

The Christ has repeatedly sacrificed himself for humanity during its entire existence (his last sacrifice being the most significant). Michael has repeatedly defeated the ‘Dragon’ throughout eons of existence.

The Christ works in the inner life, his essence inwardly transforming the soul. Michael works in the outer life, his essence influencing our actions which in turn transform our reality.

Because Michael works outwardly, and the Christ works inwardly, Michael can also be regarded as…

The Countenance of the Christ.

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