Strong Roots


Last night I went over to a friend’s house—I hadn’t hung out with her in her house since 2006, since we were both in 10th grade of High School. She was living abroad but now she’s back in Panama for the time being. She was one of my close friends during all of that High School year, we used to sit at the back of the classroom and listen to music and talk and draw on the walls and cheat on tests and all of that.

I also remember the times when we snuck out of the girl’s bathroom windows to smoke cigarettes with a couple of other girls out on the School Terrace.

I was 15-16 that year and going through my rebellion phase, listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and starting to smoke pot and researching the whole psychedelic movement and dressing like a bohemian and getting more involved in Occultism and lying to my parents to sneak out to parties, and she was one of the few people who understood it all and did those things with me.

On her side, she was in constant trouble with the school’s authorities (the principal and teachers and stuff) and was flunking out and exploring her lesbian side with other girls (she’s bi—has a girlfriend right now), and at one point she even got a Rose tattoo done on her back (that she has now removed) and I remember when her dad cornered her up in her room and started repeatedly punching her on her back, on top of the tattoo that she had just got done, which must have hurt—lol.

Nowadays we laugh over how our parents used to beat us.

So yeah! It was interesting meeting up 11 years later.

Both of us have improved so much. Hanging out with her last night was like hanging out with a 2.0 version, it was so cool.

She’s working in some kind of logistics company and is one of the most efficient people ever… she has a girlfriend who is into fitness and also helps organize her training ‘Bootcamps’. She’s generous and friendly and sharp, and still has that ‘different’ streak that sets her apart…

For example, she told me the story of how she passed Chemistry in college by doing extra-work: Every day she went to the Chem Lab after she was done with all of her classes to first clean the head of a Cow, and when that was finally done she then took out the organs (brains and eyes and such) and then put the cleaned Cow Head in a jar with filled Formaldehyde liquid so that her Teacher could preserve it—because he liked preserving organs and bodies of dead animals in jars. And that’s how she passed College Chemistry.

As for me, well, I’m a lawyer now, and married (something she can’t believe lol), and into spiritual research and trying to be consistent with the disciplines of my life.

Which got me thinking…

There’s so much to be said for having strong roots.

My friend has this lovely terrace in her house with a huge garden that her Mother (one of the nicest women I have ever met in my life) tends to every day—yeah, my friend still lives with her parents even though she’s 27… People do that here (in Latin America) and it’s no big deal.

Anyways, the plants in her terrace are so diverse in shape and size, and they’re so lovely and vibrantly green and full of life…so I asked my friend how it was that her mother keeps and tends to these beautiful plants.

She told me how every day, at dusk, her mom puts on a long, white, sleeveless shirt that goes down to the middle of her thighs, puts on her gloves, and starts watering, working the soil and speaking to each of these plants. And when one of the plants gets sick, she sets them apart in a different corner to give them extra-attention at the end.

And I thought of how a person’s soul, a person’s individual soul, can really prosper and develop when given this kind of personal care… the same way a plant can. And how she (my friend), despite what some people may call her weirdness, has developed and blossomed into this really interesting and well-grounded human being… because of her strong Soul Roots. And how maybe the same thing can be said about me.

Anyways, just thinking about this and thought I would share.

Good day everyone.

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