The Spiritual Threshold


I think I’ve visited what I believe is the real spiritual threshold (as per Steiner’s description of it in How to Know Higher Worlds and The First Class), or at least a tiny part of the threshold, a couple of times by now.

I know I was only able to do this by preparing my soul through spiritual practices. It would have been impossible otherwise.

I have visited the threshold through extensive thought and reflection on myself (my virtues and defects). And I mean extensive. Like, sitting down for half-an-hour or more and FACING myself for who I really am. Recognizing myself. Accepting myself. Not many people know how to do this… There is too much pride, too much ego that must be set aside.

Such is the process for me at this point in time.

Every time I have done this, I end up feeling this overwhelming sense of LACK and darkness… And I am reduced to tears. And then I come back.

Back to superficiality… Only, I’m a little changed.

This is how I know I’m not ready to fully and consciously cross over into the spiritual worlds, like Steiner and the rest of the Masters were known to do. My soul is not yet strong enough to break through that feeling of lack and of darkness.

Then there’s the #Dragon.

That horrid, large, serpent-like floating beast with poisonous fangs the size of my arms that leak black venom from the tips and red evil eyes and spiked scales that protrude from its slithering body… That beast that hangs around me day and night, night and day… And who is nothing but my own self, my own evil personified and manifested psychologically in my mind’s eye.

I will not say the Dragon has spoken to me. It has not. I will not even say that I have witnessed this spiritual entity or being fully for an extended amount of time, for I have not.

But I will say this… The same way I’ve taken my first baby steps out on the threshold, the Dragon has also taken baby steps to approach ME.

Once as a face on the wall. Just a face.

The second time (not too long ago actually) as a full-fledged corporeal figure… that I have described above.

It was a flash. Gone in a second.

But it was real… And it was detailed.

I wasn’t afraid. The strange thing was that I wasn’t afraid! I always thought I would be. But then again, this was only just a glimpse, an introduction of sorts. I know that.

I know this is only the beginning of the threshold. I know there’s more, much more, to confront down this path.

After witnessing a glimpse of my personal Evil, I became very unbalanced for a couple of weeks… Depressive, combative, self-destructive, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t even sure if what I had seen was real or if I was deliberately making myself insane. I’m back to normal now, thank God. All is stabilized again.

The Guardian of the Threshold.

The threshold and the guardian.

They are inseparable.

I have shared this experience with my husband only… Who became very thoughtful after he listened to me. He questioned me once, asking me if perhaps what I had seen was not an elemental… But he dropped the question as soon as it left his lips. No elemental that he knows of has that shape and size.

I did not want to share this publicly, but decided, on impulse, that I should. I should because people should know… Or at least, those people interested in this phenomena and in the spiritual path laid out by Steiner should know the following:

I am an individual with many defects, and yet I DO strive to sincerely seek for the Spirit, day in and day out. I am a sinner saved by Christ’s Grace… And I am an occultist and a student of Steiner’s.

And this is what has happened to me.

The path is real… As real as you’re willing to make it. There are dangers, yes. Perils of the Soul-World that must be overcome. But there is also so much Light.

The way is open to anyone whose will is sincere

One thought on “The Spiritual Threshold

  1. Good morning.

    In strict terms this was not a visit to the lands beyond the threshold. But it was an important step on the way. Of the entire post, the most important sentence you wrote was “The strange thing was that I wasn’t afraid!”

    On another post, your one about art, you speak about objective truths. Across the threshold, everything is subjective. Everything you see will be influenced by your own imbalances (if I can be allowed to put it so crudely). The dragon you saw was a beast of the threshold – and if you managed to find my other comment, it’s why I was kicked out of the Fb Anthro group. To mention the word ‘beast’ was enough to make them wet their knickers. Describe the events in common language, and leave out the terminology and they were none the wiser! That was a lesson for me in that it taught me who it was had the guts to strive, and those who only said they had.

    The matter of afraidness is essential here: there will be experiences that will be truly horrid for you. If you are in control of yourself, as you are in waking life, you can back off. The pertinent issue here is that your dragon was a manifestation of some things that are buried in your subconscious. None of us have direct access to this, but we do have indirect access. That is to say, we see it in all that is around us.

    Which just happens to include any visit across the threshold.

    The point I want to raise here is to know what the repellent feelings felt like. Because in knowing what it felt like, you will stumble across situations in your daily life where such feelings of repellence are raised. If you found that beggar repellent, then wonder why you found an innocent human guilty of something that lies within your own soul. I’m not trying to be nasty here, for this is the truth. I’ve been through this, and accepted my shortcomings because that’s what humans are all about.

    Because if you can work out why you feel repellence, you will understand something in your own soul that needs straightening out. And there’s nobody else on earth can do that for you. As to why this happens is another matter and I’ve waffled enough as it is.

    If you strive in this, your guardians will strive with you and will bring you what you need. You will also discover that open, intelligent minds are to be found everywhere and in the most varied forms. They are the most delightful people to meet and make everything you’ve ever suffered worthwhile. You’ll also meet a lot of human trolls, goblins and frogs… but that’s life.

    In the meantime, take a look at this post by a dear friend of mine:

    I think you’ll recognize what’s going on now 😉

    (Now let’s see if Wp lets this comment through… they are worse numpties than most Anthros!)


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