My Past-Life Regression Experience

past life

Around eight months ago, one of my friends (let’s call her Kathleen) was hosting and leading a Group Meditation. Kathleen is a Shamanic healer, Past-Life regression therapist, and Yoga teacher.

In this event, Kathleen set up a raffle and was offering a free past-life regression to the winner. Before the meditation started, she effusively encouraged me to participate in the raffle. I didn’t really feel like getting a past-life regression (I have some pretty concrete speculations about several of my past lives anyways), but Kathleen was my friend and she was asking me to put my name in the raffle bowl…

I did, hoping I wouldn’t win.

At the end of the meditation, Kathleen pulls my name out of the bowl and I win the raffle (why, God?). So I ended up with the free past-life regression I didn’t want in the first place…

The next week I go to her place for the regression. She begins by ‘opening sacred space’ and reciting an ancient Toltec poem about the mystical powers of the earth, going around in a circle while she does, and addressing the Spirits of the Four Cardinal points (N,E,S,W). I’m okay with all of this and even enjoy it.

Then the regression starts.

I’m lying on a bed and Kathleen is sitting on a chair next to the bed. She asks me to relax my entire body, so I do. She asks me to steady and slow down my breathing, and I do everything she asks me.

Then, in a smooth, slow voice, she starts to describe a setting. I’m walking through a dark hallway, she says, and I reach an old wooden door. She asks me to visualize everything she is describing, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have excellent visualization skills.

I imagine everything and I build up the scene in my head, even adding more elements of my choosing until I have constructed this sort of mental palace. It is at this moment that I notice my body getting a little heavier, like veryyyyy relaxed on top of the bed.

Kathleen then asks me to take the handle of the door in my mind and open it. When I do, I see a spiral stairway leading downwards into more darkness. I follow the stairs down, and reach another door. When I open it, I come out into this dense foliage, this thick rainforest of different and varied shades of green.

Kathleen asks me where I am, and I answer almost without thinking, ‘Atlantis’.

I’m going to stop here a moment and attempt to describe my state of consciousness at this point. By this time, regular thoughts weren’t entering my mind anymore. I was wholly absorbed in the visual world that I had accessed. It’s a difficult state of mind to describe, because you’re still awake, but you’re not thinking as someone who is awake. You’re letting your mind and the pictures it creates run a little wild, as if in a dream.

Kathleen invited me to explore the area. So I did. She started asking me questions, such as what I was wearing, if I was a man or woman, and the type of setting.

I was a woman. I lived in the middle of the forest with other women… like in an order or something.

Then she asked me… “How did you die in this life?”

The setting changed immediately. I was faced, in front of me, with a burning temple. A herd of rioters had taken me and the other women from my community out of the temple we inhabited before burning it to the ground.

Kathleen asked me why they did this, and I answered “Because they were hungry and angry, and we had food.” Then she asked me again, “How did you die?”

I felt an immediate suffocation and a tightening of my throat. Then I saw it in the vision, an angry rioter putting his hands around my neck.

“I was strangled”. I say.

After I witnessed that, Kathleen gently started coaxing me back into my mental palace. She told me to slowly let the images go… and I did, and the images started fading away. Then, in this vision, I walked back the way I came, up the dungeon stairs, and into the long hallway of the palace.

When I was back in the palace, Kathleen told me that on the count of three, I would resume my ordinary consciousness.

1, 2, 3… I was awake in my ordinary consciousness once again, and the vivid visions I was having took the colorings of dreams.

It felt like 10 minutes had passed. So imagine my surprise when Kathleen sent me the recording of our session, and it was 45 minutes long. FORTY-FIVE minutes…

I researched hypnosis, and one of the symptoms of being hypnotized is losing track of time, which is exactly what happened to me. This is perhaps what surprised me the most out of the whole experience… How everything felt super-fast to me, when in reality it took three quarters of an hour to go through the entire visualization.

I don’t know what to make of this experience or what to think of it.

I did have asthma when I was a kid, but this doesn’t mean I was necessarily strangled in a past life. Though there could be a correlation.

There are other synchronicities between the regression and my life that I won’t go into now.

But is it solid? No. Why Atlantis, though?

I’ve thought a-lot about my greek past life, and my roman one. I was a greek man and a roman woman (maybe), perhaps I’ll go into that sometime.

I’ve never thought about my life in Atlantis.

I could have just imagined everything under the influence of hypnosis, and just had a regular vision or dream, not a vision about my past life.

So there you have it.

Will I ever do this again?

Maybe, although it’s not my modus operandi when it comes to spiritual research. It’s an interesting enough experience though, to say the least.

Do I recommend it?

Only if you’re interested in feeling what it’s like to be under the influence of hypnosis and lose track of time. And if you’re not gullible to what you may experience. 

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