The Mystery of Esotericism & The Millenial Tradition

The mystery schools have been around since atlantean times, it’s not a product of an institutional design by the “west”.

They will continue to be around for a long time to come, too.

The Esoteric School is alive and kicking, its members are all of the genuine initiates and their pupils from across the globe.

Humankind used to dance with the gods during their dreams back in atlantean times. Back then, there were Seven mystery schools, corresponding to the following spheres: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Sun. The greatest of these mystery schools was the Sun…the being they revered was the Christ. These “schools” or organizations were reserved exclusively for those human beings who had an even deeper connection to the Heavenly than the average human being. However, the mystery schools evolved during the end of the atlantean era, because the initiates started to seek those human beings who were developing Rational Thought. They could identify them easily, because these were the human beings who had lost their atavistic clairvoyance, due to this new brain development. They were seeking these humans because they knew that in the future, human beings will have to learn to connect with the divinity through Thought, rather than atavistically. They wanted to train them and give them all the wisdom they had…. and these pupils became the founders of the ancient post-atlantean mystery schools, which begun in ancient india and egypt, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The esoteric tradition has been maintainted through the millenia, always through the passing down of information from initiate to pupil, and through the teaching and reading of the corresponding akashic records. Christian Rosenkreuz is the western initiate par excellence. He´s a cosmic initiate and a safekeeper of wisdom. There are many other great initiates, both western and eastern, as well.

The Esoteric Tradition became public in the 19th century, with the corresponding Michaelic victory over the Luciferic Forces. This victory over the dragon in the spiritual worlds enabled this esoteric wisdom, which had before been reserved to secret societies and groups, to stream towards mankind. This was the time when Occultism or Esotericism became mainstream….

Flash forward to 2017 and here I am, speaking of these things on a public blog for anyone who wishes to read them.

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