My Kitchen Altar


This is my Kitchen Altar

I light the candle and say a Hail Mary to honor the Divine Feminine before I start cooking.

“Hail Mary
Full of Grace
The Lord is with Thee
Blessed art thou amongst women
And Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb,
Holy Mary
Mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the moment of our last breath.”

I leave the candle on while I am preparing and making the meals, and when the food is cooking I close my eyes and put my right hand over the food and bless it.

Honestly the Kitchen is my favorite place in the house. Cooking is somewhat of an artistic process for me and I like that the rewards of my work are immediate in the form of delicious food 🙂

Sometimes I use the stones and tiny cacti surrounding my altar to practice clairvoyance. Sometimes I light incense in front of it to purify the space (but not when I’m cooking or eating as the odor would not mix well with the smell of the food). Things like incense and the chime of bells are said to be really good purifiers of the astral environment.

I put the candle out after the meal is over and thank Lady Mary for being with me, now and always.

And that is my ritual 🙂

I have 2 other altars, one in my bedroom and one in my office desk (this last one dedicated to Apollo the Greek Sun God).

Stay spiritual, people!

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