The Devil is a Musician


“Hell is also a musical realm. The Devil himself is a fiddler, and a damned fine one at that.

The violin virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini once dreamed that he had made a pact with him, and that the Devil played such music that it made Tartini want to give up the violin then and there.

But the Devil’s musical skills serves one purpose only: the seduction of souls. He inverts the purpose of God-given harmony, using the power of music to drag the soul not up but down.

Once the devil has souls in its grip, seduced maybe by songs of love and ease, they are condemned to a Hell where the perversion of harmony into horrendous cacophany is relieved only by the hopeless and still more horrible silence of its frozen depths.”

– From the occultist Joscelyn Godwin, “Harmonies of Heaven and Earth”

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