The Directly Given World Picture (DGWP)

The DGWP is a term Steiner used to describe CONCEPTS or OBJECTS that exist independently from our own observation. That is why it is ‘DIRECTLY GIVEN’, because it already exists, independent of ourselves, regardless of whether we had previous knowledge or experience of that Concept or Object.

If we say that the DGWP is dependant of our observation, of our thinking mechanism, then we are saying that our own Subjective Perspective shapes our reality. In other words, our own thinking determines what we see.

In effect, we are stripping CONCEPTS and OBJECTS of their objective characteristics. We are saying we create these CONCEPTS and OBJECTS, and that our precept (understanding), in fact, helps create these concepts… While Steiner’s view is the opposite: Precept and concept exist independently and unite specifically through our thinking mechanism, where both unite.

If we accept that there is no DGWP, then it’s the same thing as saying there is NO OBJECTIVE REALITY.

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