Christian Rosenkreuz


Christian Rosenkreuz is the name given to one of the greatest initiates of the West. An initiate is a person who has established a relationship with the Higher Powers of the world. This relationship is based on the initiate’s proven understanding of the world’s spiritual laws (obscurely referenced to in the past as ‘The Mysteries’).

An initiate establishes a relationship with these Higher Powers not for the sake of his or her own spiritual development, or to gain power, or to access boundless knowledge. Rather, he becomes an initiate in order to better serve the Higher Powers and become an instrument towards the fulfillment of their mission—which is the spiritual development (salvation) of all humanity.

Rosenkreuz is the name given to the personality that has been in the service of these Higher Powers since the 13th century. It is said that he grew up in a european estate surrounded by nature, under the tutelage of twelve wise men:

– seven who were adepts in the wisdom taught by the ancient 7 Holy Rishis of India,

– four who were adepts in the wisdom of man’s 4 causal bodies (physical, energetical, emotional, mental),

– and one whose scientific and rational intellect was highly developed.

During his childhood, he was influenced by the teachings of these twelve wise men, absorbed their wisdom into himself and transformed it into one unified philosophy, where it is said both eastern and western currents of thought merge and become one. After the boy’s powers of cognition underwent this monumental task, his physical body was spent. So he received his initiation, and shortly afterwards he died…

Only to reincarnate in the 14th century as the personality who became known under the name of Christian Rosenkreuz and who founded the Rosicrucians, or the Order of the Rosy Cross. This secret fraternity has no affiliation with any of the groups that currently and publicly call themselves Rosicrucians. To truly become a Rosicrucian, you must be initiated into the spiritual world, not pay a membership fee.

In his 14th century incarnation, Christian Rosenkreuz lived for more than 100 years. It is said that this personality has been in almost constant incarnation since then, sacrificing his stay in the Higher Worlds and remaining on Earth to be of service to humanity and to the mission of the Higher Powers.

Two of his most popular incarnations were in the personalities of Francis Bacon and the Count of St. Germain. It is said he is incarnated right now, althouth this is only speculation.

One thought on “Christian Rosenkreuz

  1. Also Plato … was Saint Germain … He is so expert that do not need Space ship to traverse the verse … He can materialize from Heaven in any Place of Space and Time … at will … He was the Francis Bacon that wrote the Shakespearian Plays … 😀 …
    At your service … Madam …
    au revoir …

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