The Acceleration of Karma through Online life.


You know what I’ve been thinking lately? You know what thought struck me like a week ago that has stayed with me?

I THINK that this whole Internet Phenomenon serves to Accelerate Karma between individuals.

I am the only Anthroposophist (that I know of) in my country, and yet here I am, having discussions and conversations with other Anthroposophists (or people interested in the philosophy) from around the world. Perhaps if the Internet had not existed during my lifetime I would not have had contact with any of you. Nay, not perhaps. I am sure we would not have had contact, save for some miscellaneous stroke of fate. If it weren’t for these Facebook Groups whose existence is facilitated by the World Wide Web none of these human interactions would have taken place.

Maybe we were all originally destined to meet in a Future Life, when Anthroposophists and other philosophers will have a role to play in the destiny of the world. In a Future Life circumstances will be different. We will need each other in the coming dark times, we will need the knowledge and wisdom that we are cultivating (or trying to cultivate) right now.

But we met in this life thanks to the Internet, and thus we are accelerating events that would have happened in the Future. We are having soul-to-soul interactions that would not have occurred were it not for the internet.

We, all of us, are starting our relationship with each other EARLY.

We are drawing the Future towards us when it comes to these relationships, we are inter-mingling the future with the present.

We are Accelerating Karma.

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