Sympathetic Vibration & Vibrational Frequencies


Sympathetic vibration is a naturally occurring phenomena. An example of it is when you sound a tuning fork and bring it close to, but not touching, another fork of the same frequency. The second fork will then begin to vibrate sympathetically.

The scientific String Theory asserts that reality is made up of tiny strings that vibrate at different frequencies. Everything in existence is in a state of constant vibration, whether we realize it or not.

Including ourselves as human beings.

To learn how to affect, and even control, our vibrational frequency, we have to ask ourselves the following question: What are human beings essentially made of?

Well, as human beings, we can observe that we have a physical body, we have an energetic body, we have emotions, and we have thoughts.

These four bodies (physical, energetic, emotional, and mental) are what make us who we are.

The most important of these four bodies is The Mind, because it effectively controls the other three bodies.

For example… When we start paying attention to our thoughts, we realize the degree of influence they have over our emotions, over how we feel.

Just imagine how easy it is for a person of choleric nature to get carried away by a thought that makes him angry, and how it affects his whole mood. Also notice how difficult it is to undertake a task that we find extremely boring. We seem to have no energy for it… but when it’s something that we like, suddenly we can’t contain our energy.

Everything starts with the thoughts in The Mind.

And just like the vibrational frequency of our thoughts influences our feelings and energy, they also influence our actions and our relationship to ourselves, the people that we choose to surround ourselves with, and our circumstances. In essence, our thoughts determine our reality.

So when we consciously choose to entertain The Mind with thoughts that generate a high vibrational frequency, we’re like the tuning fork that is resonating at a certain pitch. We will resonate with those people whom we share a sympathetic vibration with, those people who are also vibrating at a high frequency.

Inversely, thoughts with a low vibrational frequency will negatively impact not only our emotional, energetic and physical bodies, but also our relationship to the world and to others.

This leads us to the question…

What types of thoughts generate a high vibrational frequency?

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