One must not be crazy.

So there are people out there who talk about us and say, ‘Oh, the anthroposophists are crazy!’ As a matter of fact, what one can least of all afford to be in order to reach anything at all in the spiritual world is to be crazy.

One must not be crazy in the very slightest degree if one hopes to attain something in the spiritual world. Being a tiny bit crazy is a hindrance to attaining anything. This must be avoided. One must not be the slightest bit crotchety or moody.

If you want to make headway in the field of Anthroposophy there is nothing for it but to have an absolutely sane head and an absolutely sane heart. Raving about something is already starting to go crazy, and this way you will achieve nothing.

– Rudolf Steiner, ‘An excercise in Karmic Insight’

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