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So for a couple of years now I’ve had the idea of starting my own publishing house. Mainly because if I chose to self-publish my own books, I thought that I might as well open my own publishing company and launch my books from that platform. Well, I already self-published my first book, and it did relatively okay for the amount of marketing and promotion and pre-launch planning & execution I put into it. I didn’t do it under my own publishing house, though. Then I sort of let it slide because the demands of life took me in another direction, and that was that.

But I’m back at it again. Now, I have not only one more fiction book that’s ready to be published, but six other non-fiction books that I want to publish as well. And I’m thinking: Life is too short not to make this work for me. Not to get it out in the world. So I’m going for it.

I launched Yggdrasil Publishing House yesterday. To make the house grow, I’m going to focus on publishing my own books and getting them out in the world under that label. Then I’m going to focus on expanding the brand and looking for new authors to work with.

I know it’s a-lot between managing a law firm and taking care of a household and the new baby that is due november, but I want to make this work. I want to publish my books, of which there are many that haven’t yet seen the light of day, and I want to give it a go, or else I know I will regret it.

So check it out! And if you have an enterprise that you’re dreaming to start, I encourage you to go for it, as well. We’re alive and in this world in order to contribute our talents to it… which is what I’m hoping to do with Yggdrasil Publishing and my own written works, as well.


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