Roar by Cora Carmack #BookReview


I’ll start with the good things about the book. The idea of sentient storms or storms with souls was original and well thought-out. The concept of storm hunters and stormlings, as well as the rest of the magic system in this book, was also interesting. In other words, the ideas are good… but the execution of them? Not so much.

The book was wordy. You know those people who can just talk for hours about every little detail in their life and will just not shut up? Reading this book felt like I was hanging out with one of those people. For hours on end. There was just SO much detail about how the main character felt, and thought, and felt and thought… SO much detail about every little tiny minuscule inner working of hers, that I was just exhausted after a while.

Also, the amout of backstory that was revealed through the narrative (through telling, not showing) was just too much. There were so many things about the world that were revealed through this mechanism. It was difficult to keep track of, at least in the beginning. That, combined with a main character that seemed would just never shut up, made for quite an annoying read.

Now for the characters. Meh. Just… meh. Aurora (or Roar) wasn’t exactly captivating. She was a teenage princess going through a bout of rebellion. Like, whatever, you know? I wasn’t exactly that interested. And Locke was a mess. He was all over the place, instantly falling in love with Roar and wanting to protect her for the rest of his life even though he barely knew her. I was over it before it even began.

The plot too just seemed to drag on. It felt like Roar’s thoughts and feelings and her internal struggle took center place in the novel, and the plot was just left on the wayside, abandoned.  And I take issue with this, because plot matters. I don’t like reading books where it’s just all about what the character feels… I want interesting stuff to happen too, you know. And it just didn’t. Like there was barely any plot here, not until the end when something finally starts to happen, and by that point it was just too little, too lat. The story was lacking, in other words.

The second book in the series is coming out next year, and I don’t know if I’ll read it or not. I actually want to just to see if there is any improvement. Some people may like this book, and that’s fine… some people like wordiness and characters’ narrative taking over plots and immature protagonists. Personally, for me, not my cup of tea.

Rating: *

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