The Tragic Fate of The God of Love and Light 

A Retelling of the life & death of Baldur, the Norse God that is analogous to the figure of Jesus Christ

Baldur was an Aesir prince

Son of Odin, the All-Father.

He was the fairiest in all

Of the heavenly lands

Abd beloved of all of the Gods.


Hel, the Goddess of Death

Fell in love with Baldur,

Wanting him





But the Lord of Lords,

The All-Father, Odin,

Sensed the Danger

In the Air.

So he went out

Into the world

And made every

Rock, tree,

Mortal and God

Swear an Oath that no harm

Would come to his Son

by their hands.


He commanded everything in existence

To swear the Oath

Except the Mistletoe-

Because his wife, Frigg,

Blinded by arrogance

As so many of us are,

Told him that the Herb

Was so small and delicate

A thing,

That what harm

Could it do

To their Son?


The wily, sneaky and disloyal god


Hearing this,

Went down into the Underworld

Clamoring for Hel,

And finding her attentive,

Related the words that he heard

From the mouth of Frigg,

Mother of Baldur.


Hel, in a rapture of power

And lust,

Soared up into Asgard,

Land of the Gods,

Holding a Mistletoe

Wrapped around the tip

Of an arrow

In her left hand…


And pierced Baldur’s heart with it,

Killing him instantly.

Since then,

Baldur lives in the Underworld

That world of darkness

Where he abides with Hel

And consoles the souls of the dead.


Up in the heavens

Frigg weeps,

Forever mourning

The loss of her Son.

The Tale of Jormungandr – A retelling

jormungandr tale

God of Mischief
Lover of all things dark
And obscure
Fell in love with the giantess Angrboda
The evil witch
The man-eater
With the black eyes

Together they sated their passion
And basked in each other’s darkness
For many moons both full and new

Until Loki, satisfied, departed
And Angrboda, alone, gave birth
To the fruit of their union:
A massive hideous serpent
With eyes the color of death
And teeth as sharp as knives
And a scaly skin of many colors
That repelled and allured
At the same time.

She named him Jormungandr
And cast him out into the sea
Where he remains to this day,
Coiled around the world
And biting his own tail.

The moment the Great Serpent
Releases its tail,
The Great Apocalypse and Death of all of the Gods
Will begin.