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The Sun Child

Adult Urban Fantasy

COVER ART sun child

Daniel Maze revels in the pleasure of killing with his powers, knowing always that he must only heal the innocent and kill the impure. These are the mandates of his tribe, The Children of the Sun, a secret group of supernaturals living beneath the modern-day city of Seattle.

Daniel has absolutely everything under control… That is, until his grip slips and he kills an innocent. But he has no time to figure out why–or how–he lost control of his powers. His tribe now wants him dead for breaking their code, and they don’t mess around. But more important that surviving, Daniel must choose whether to fight the darkness that grows stronger in him every day… or give into it and experience limitless indulgence and power.

The Sun Child features an anti-hero with a heart of gold who is also an all-new and unique supernatural predator 🙂 

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